Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz - 24

231Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor with effective from 1st April this year?
 A) Naomi Ishii
 B) Rahul Taneja
 C) Akito Tachibana
 D) MK Sharma
232Which company has acquired JP Group-s cement plants for Rs 16,500 crore in Mar 2016 which turns out to be the biggest deal in the sector?
 A) Jaypee Cement
 B) Binani Cement
 C) UltraTech
 D) ACC Cement

233Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani is positioned at ________ globally, No 1 among India-s richest persons, as per Forbes list of 2016.
 A) 21st
 B) 30th
 C) 36th
 D) 48th
234The American mathematician Lloyd S. Shapley, who shared the 2012 Nobel Prize in ___________ with Harvard professor Alvin E Roth passed away in Mar 2016.
 A) Physics
 B) Economic Science
 C) Chemistry
 D) Medicine
235Syrian Army with support from Russian Air Forces have regained control of the ancient city of ________, a UNESCO designated World Heritage site and home to some of the world-s most magnificent ancient ruins, from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group in Mar 2016.
 A) Damascas
 B) Palmyra
 C) Kairo
 D) Babylon
236Which tech services giant acquired Dell-s information technology consulting division for over USD 3 billion in Mar 2016?
 A) HP
 C) NTT Data Corp
 D) Mitsubhisi Consulting
237President-s Rule has been imposed in which indian state in Mar 2016?.
 A) Jammu and Kashmir
 B) Haryana
 C) Uttarakhand
 D) Arunachal Pradesh
238Which state government has approved the Jat reservation bill in Mar 2016 one day after the Akhil Bhartiya Jat Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti (ABJASS), which spearheaded the Jat quota stir in February 2016, threatened to resume the agitation if its demands are not met by the end of this month.
 A) Rajasthan
 B) Haryana
 C) Uttarakhand
 D) Himachal Pradesh
239Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that India would host the FIFA _________ World Cup next year in his monthly radio programme Mann ki Baat in Mar 2016.
 A) under-19
 B) under-15
 C) under-17
 D) None of These
240Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been named among the world-s 50 greatest leaders 2016 published by Fortune magazine as he secured ______ position in the list. He is the only Indian to be ranked among 50 global leaders.
 A) 23rd
 B) 35th
 C) 42nd
 D) 48th

231Ans) Akito Tachibana
232Ans) UltraTech
233Ans) 36th
234Ans) Economic Science
235Ans) Palmyra
236Ans) NTT Data Corp
237Ans) Uttarakhand
238Ans) Haryana
239Ans) under-17
240Ans) 42nd

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