Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz - 17

161The Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX) has appointed ___________ as Managing Director and CEO in Mar 2016.
 A) Nivruti Rai
 B) Mrugank Paranjape
 C) Sanjiv Kapoor
 D) Kumud Srinivasan
162"Ordinance Factories Day (India)" is observed on ____________ in India.
 A) 4-Mar
 B) 15-Mar
 C) 18-Mar
 D) 16-Mar

163Which Bollywood actor was felicitated by Melbourne based South Asian community members at a function in Australia in Mar 2016 for making his mark in the film industry.
 A) Ranveer Singh
 B) Ranbir Kapoor
 C) Randeep Hooda
 D) Arjun Kapoor
164Olympian ___________ won the gold medal in men-s 50km race walk event on the second and final day of the National Championships in Jaipur in Mar 2016.
 A) Anil Kumar Prakash
 B) Abdul Najeeb Qureshi
 C) Basant Bahadur Singh Rana
 D) Dharambir Singh
165Which South American country declared an emergency after a major oil pipeline burst affecting two rivers, namely Chiriaco and Morona, in the country's northwest in Mar 2016?
 A) Brazil
 B) Columbia
 C) Peru
 D) Argentina
166__________, the South African left-arm spinner, has been suspended from bowling in domestic cricket in Mar 2016 with immediate effect after his action was found to be illegal.
 A) Farhaan Behardien
 B) Rilee Rossouw
 C) Aaron Phangiso
 D) Kagiso Rabada
167Famous science journalist ___________ was conferred with the national award for -Outstanding Efforts in the Field of Science and Technology Communication on Electronic Medium- for his efforts in science and technology communication on television in Mar 2016.
 A) Anup Chaturvedi
 B) V.K. Srivastava
 C) Pallava Bagla
 D) Manas Pratim Das
168American actress ____________ was appointed by the United Nations as their latest Goodwill Ambassador in Mar 2016. Beside acting career of more than two decades, she is well known for her global humanitarian efforts and political activism.
 A) Maggie Q
 B) Shailene Woodley
 C) Ashley Judd
 D) Nicole Kidman
169Intel Corporation has appointed __________ as the Intel India Site General Manager in Mar 2016. Rai will replace , who will relocate to the US.
 A) Nivruti Rai
 B) Mrugank Paranjape
 C) Sanjiv Kapoor
 D) Kumud Srinivasan
170Which Indian City became the first city in India to launch the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine as a public health programme for school children in Mar 2016. The HPV vaccine protects people against the group of 150-odd HPVs, some of which can cause cervical cancer.
 A) Chennai
 B) Mumbai
 C) Delhi
 D) Bangalore

161Ans) Mrugank Paranjape
162Ans) 18-Mar
163Ans) Randeep Hooda
164Ans) Basant Bahadur Singh Rana
165Ans) Peru
166Ans) Aaron Phangiso
167Ans) Pallava Bagla
168Ans) Ashley Judd
169Ans) Nivruti Rai
170Ans) Delhi

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