Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz - 14

131Which football star has been named as global ambassador of Chinese Networking and mobile giant Huawei in Mar 2016?. He was chosen as the company believes that he and Huawai make "a perfect fit" as both "are always pursuing not success but challenges to be better".
 A) Cristiano Ronaldo
 B) Lionel Messi
 C) Neymar
 D) Luis Suárez
132Martyr's Day was observed on _________ across the country today to honour the sacrifice of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev who were hanged to death on this very day in 1931.
 A) 26-Mar
 B) 23-Mar
 C) 21-Mar
 D) 22-Mar

133Bangladesh left-arm spinner Arafat Sunny and pacer __________ have been suspended from bowling with immediate effect by ICC in Mar 2016 after an independent assessment found their bowling actions to be illegal.
 A) Sabbir Rahman
 B) Mashrafe Mortaza
 C) Taskin Ahmed
 D) Al?Amin Hossain
134One of Mumbai oldest colleges, the _________ has adopted the Charni Road station to keep it clean in Mar 2016 as part of the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.
 A) Sophia College
 B) Jai Hind College
 C) Wilson College
 D) Ruparel College
135India-s current account deficit narrowed to _______ of GDP in the third quarter of the current financial year 2015-16 compared to 1.5% in the same quarter last year, as per data published by the RBI in Mar 2016.
 A) 0.9%
 B) 1.1%
 C) 1.3%
 D) 1.4%
136The Central Government has relaxed FDI norms for the insurance sector by allowing ________ FDI in domestic insurers without prior approval in order to bring more foreign investment in the country.
 A) 26%
 B) 49%
 C) 74%
 D) 100%
137Fashion designer ___________ has been appointed as the advisor to the union government's statutory body Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in Mar 2016 for promotion of khadi across Indian and overseas markets.
 A) Rohit Bal
 B) Ritu Beri
 C) Manish Malhotra
 D) Satya Paul
138Former CEO of ________ Andrew Stephen "Andy" Grove passed away this week. He was 79. He played an important role in making the company into the world's largest chip company in his more than 3 decades old career.
 B) Intel Corp
 C) Apple
139Who won the presidential elections in Zanzibar-a semi-autonomous region in Tanzania to be re-elected as the President of the region in Mar 2016?
 A) Ali Mohamed Shein
 B) Seif Sharif Hamad
 C) Jakaya Kikwete
 D) Julius Nyerere
140India will host the 8th annual Summit of BRICS scheduled to be held from 15th to 16th October 2016 in _________, as announced by the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in Mar 2016. India assumed chairmanship of BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) from Russia on 15th February this year till 31st December 2016.
 A) New Delhi
 B) Goa
 C) Mumbai
 D) Bangalore

131Ans) Lionel Messi
132Ans) 23-Mar
133Ans) Taskin Ahmed
134Ans) Wilson College
135Ans) 1.3%
136Ans) 49%
137Ans) Ritu Beri
138Ans) Intel Corp
139Ans) Ali Mohamed Shein
140Ans) Goa

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