Current Affairs March 2013 Quiz -9

81Who has sworn in as Venezuela-s acting president following death of Hugo Chavez in March 2013?
A) Henrique Capriles Radonski
B) Nicolas Maduro
C) Diosdado Cabello
D) Elías Jaua
82Argentina-s Jorge Bergoglio has been elected as the _____ pope in March 2013.
A) 267th
B) 264th
C) 266th
D) 261th
83Which Indian state won the award for best civic management of a tourist destination and for the most innovative and unique tourism project presented by Pranab Mukherjee in March 2013?
A) Kerala
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Maharashtra
84After the recent liquidity infusion of Rs 3004 crore in State Bank of India by the Indian Government, the shareholding of the government in the bank has increased to __________.
A) 61.58%
B) 59.23%
C) 62.31%.
D) 65.82%
85Who won the season-opening Australian Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne in March 2013?
A) Kimi Raikkonen
B) Sebastian Vettel
C) Fernando Alonso
D) Lewis Hamilton
86Who has been transferred  as the new Governor of Bihar in March 2013?
A) D Y Patil
B) S C Jamir
C) Devanand Konwar
D) Nikhil Kumar
87Who won the women-s singles title in the All England Open Badminton Championships 2013 held in March 2013 in England?
A) Wang Xin
B) Ratchanok Intanon
C) Tine Baun
D) Juliane Schenk
88Ganesh Pyne passed away at a city hospital in Kolkata after suffering a heart attack in March 2013. He was a famous _________.
A) Actor
B) Author
C) Painter
D) Director
89The petroleum ministry has appointed a committee under whom in March 2013 to prepare a roadmap for enhancing domestic production of oil and gas in order to substantially reduce the nations import dependency by 2030?
A) T L Shankar
B) J Verma
C) Sam Pitroda
D) Vijay Kelkar
90Who secured no 1 rank in the ICC Raking of Bowlers as on March 2013?
A) Mohammad Hafeez
B) Saeed Ajmal
C) Ravindra Jadeja
D) None of These

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Current Affairs March 2013 Quiz - 9 Answers
81Ans) Nicolas Maduro
82Ans) 266th
83Ans) Madhya Pradesh
84Ans) 62.31%
85Ans) Kimi Raikkonen
86Ans) D Y Patil
87Ans) Tine Baun
88Ans) Painter
89Ans) Vijay Kelkar
90Ans) Saeed Ajmal