Current Affairs March 2013 Quiz -5

41Who has sworn as chief minister of Tripura for the record 5th Consecutive time in March 2013?
A) P A Sangma
B) Neiphiu Rio
C) Mukul Sangma
D) Manik Sarkar
42Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Nagaland in March 2013?
A) M C Bhandare
B) S C Jamir
C) Ashwani Kumar
D) None of These
43Who won the Best Supporting Actress award in the "60th National Film Awards" announced in March 2013?
A) Priyanka Chopra
B) Usha Jadhav
C) Dolly Ahluwalia
D) None of These
44India-s overall Inflation measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) stood at ________ in February.
A) 7.56%
B) 6.62%
C) 6.84%
D) 6.12%
45Who won the "Exceptional Achievement Award" in the "Laureus World Sports Awards 2013" announced in March 2013?
A) Yohan blake
B) Michel Phelps
C) Usain Bolt
D) Tyson gay
46Who has appointed as the editor of Time International in March 2013 to become the first non-American Editor of Time International?
A) Sanjay Gupta
B) Bobby Ghosh
C) Fareed Zakaria
D) Uma Pemmaraju
47Who has sworn-in as Goa-s first Lokayukta in March 2013?
A) Y. Bhaskar Rao
B) B. Sudershan Reddy
C) Shivraj V. Patil
D) H. R. Bhardwaj
48China-s outgoing Premier Wen Jiabao has recently announced mesures after formally assuming power in March 2013 to boost fiscal spending in 2013 to touch economic growth of _______ for 2012.
A) 8%
B) 9.5%
C) 7.5%
D) 9%
49"World Earth Day" is observed on?
A) 19-Mar
B) 23-Mar
C) 21-Mar
D) 25-Mar
50Dr Kallam Anji Reddy has passed away in March 2013. He was founder of which Indian pharma company?
A) Ranbaxy
B) Aurovindo Pharma
C) Dr Reddy's Laboratories
D) None of These

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Current Affairs March 2013 Quiz - 5 Answers
41Ans) Manik Sarkar
42Ans) Ashwani Kumar
43Ans) Dolly Ahluwalia
44Ans) 6.84%
45Ans) Michel Phelps
46Ans) Bobby Ghosh
47Ans) B. Sudershan Reddy
48Ans) 7.5%
49Ans) 23-Mar
50Ans) Dr Reddy's Laboratories