Current Affairs March 2012 Quiz – I

1 The new India’s army chief appointed by Indian Government is?
  A) Lt Anand Singh
  B) Gen M K Singh
  C) Gen V K Singh
  D) Lt Gen Bikram Singh
2 Latest Greece Credit rating by global credit rating agency major Moody’s
  A) C
  B) Ca
  C) Caa
  D) Caaa
3 Vladimir Putin has been re-elected as President of which country?
  A) South Africa
  B) Ukrene
  C) Russia
  D) Sweden
4 China’s defense budget has been increased by 11.2% in  2012 to?
  A) USD 106.41 billion
  B) USD 126.41 billion
  C) USD 156.41 billion
  D) USD 96.41 billion
5 Which political party formed the new Government in Uttar Pradesh in March 2012?
  A) BSP
  B) SP
  C) Congress
  D) BJP
6 As per TRAI, total number of Mobile subscribers at the end of January 2012?
  A) 923.73 million
  B) 913.73 million
  C) 933.73 million
  D) 903.73 million
7 Recently which BRIC economy overtook UK as the sixth largest economy in the world?
  A) Russia
  B) South Africa
  C) India
  D) Brazil
8 The deadline set by RBI for the urban cooperative banks (UCBs) to take necessary steps for IFRS is?
  A) April 2015
  B) April 2013
  C) April 2014
  D) July 2014
9 New appointed CEO of L&T?
  A) A. M. Naik
  B) K. Venkataramanan
  C) A. Subramanium
  D) Pratip Chaudhury
10 New Chief Minister of Punjab?
  A) Akhilesh Yadav
  B) Akhiliesh Singh
  C) Parkash Singh Badal
  D) Shivraj Singh Chauhan
11 Newly appointed Chief of ISI, Pakistan’s spy agency?
  A) Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha
  B) Lt Gen Zaheerul-Islam
  C) Lt Gen Kayani
  D) Lt Gen Yousuf Gilani
12 New Chief Minister of Goa?
  A) Akhilesh Yadav
  B) Manohar Parikar
  C) Parkash Singh Badal
  D) Shivraj Singh Chauhan
13 Which state has taken remarkable step to cut tax on Petrol by around Rs 15?
  A) New Delhi
  B) Goa
  C) Maharashtra
  D) Gujarat
14 BPO firm vCustomer is recently acquired by which Indian IT company?
  A) Infosys
  B) Wipro
  C) TCS
  D) Mahindra Satyam
15 Who has retained the top most rank in the list of Forbes list of world’s richest people 2012?
  A) Bill Gates
  B) Warren Buffett
  C) Carlos Slim Helu & family
  D) Bernard Arnault


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