Current Affairs Mar 2015 Quiz - 4

31World-s largest and tallest Indian national flag was unfurled in __________ in the presence of BJP president Amit Shah and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor in Mar 2015.
 A) Faridabad
 B) Gurgaon
 C) Chandigarh
 D) None of These
32"World Water Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 22-Mar
 B) 23-Mar
 C) 21-Mar
 D) 25-Mar

33Who has been appointed as Chief Secretary of Delhi in Mar 2015?
 A) Anil Goswami
 B) Rajiv Mehrishi
 C) Arvind Mayaram
 D) Kewal K Sharma
34Which Bollywood actress was awarded with the National Award for the Best Representation of the Cause of Safety, Security and Protection of Women and Girl Child by National Institute of Gender Justice (NIGJ) in Mar 2015?
 A) Vidya Balan
 B) Priyanka Chopra
 C) Rani Mukerji
 D) Sonam Kapur
35Indian-American physician __________ was selected for the prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Distinguished Chair in Mar 2015.
 A) Sachin H. Jain
 B) Sudip Bose
 C) Rahul Jindal
 D) Vamsi Mootha
36India's Retail inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), stood at _______ in February 2015 (announced in Mar 2015).
 A) 4.2%
 B) 5.1%
 C) 5.37%
 D) 6.11%
37The unemployment rate in the US stood at __________ in February (published in Mar 2015).
 A) 5.5%
 B) 5.7%
 C) 5.8%
 D) 5.9%
38The Reserve Bank of India has kept the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) unchanged at ________ during its announcement of bi-monthly monetary policy review in March 2015.
 A) 5%
 B) 4.5%
 C) 4.25%
 D) 4%
39India has been ranked at the ________ position among 16 Asia Pacific countries in terms of the socio-economic standing of women, as per Mastercard-s latest Index of Women-s Advancement publsihed in Mar 2015.
 A) 12th
 B) 14th
 C) 15th
 D) 16th
40The RBI eased the norms for home loans for up to _________ by allowing banks to include stamp duty and registration charges to the cost of a unit in Mar 2015.
 A) Rs 12 lakh
 B) Rs 20 lakh
 C) Rs 10 lakh
 D) Rs 15 lakh

31Ans) Faridabad
32Ans) 22-Mar
33Ans) Kewal K Sharma
34Ans) Rani Mukerji
35Ans) Rahul Jindal
36Ans) 5.37%
37Ans) 5.5%
38Ans) 4%
39Ans) 16th
40Ans) Rs 10 lakh

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