Current Affairs Mar 2015 Quiz - 16

151Which country won the bid to host the 17th edition of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in 2019 (announced in Mar 2015)?
 A) Iraq
 B) China
 C) Qatar
 D) United Arab Emirates
152Who has been appointed as the Chief Vigilance Officer in the Department of Telecommunications in Mar 2015?
 A) M Akhaya
 B) Mahboob Alam
 C) Ajay Chadha
 D) K Vijay Kumar

153Which Indian retail company acquired Total Hypermarket owned by Jubilant Retai in Mar 2015?
 A) Reliance Retail
 B) Future Retail
 C) Aditya Birla Retail
 D) None of These
154First Kisan Call Centre (KCC) of North-East was opened in _________ in Mar 2015.  KCC will be run by a private enterprise with experts of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and animal husbandry.
 A) Agartala
 B) Guwahati
 C) Aizal
 D) Imphal
155The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) was concluded in _____________ in Mar 2015.
 A) Japan
 B) China
 C) France
 D) Thailand
156Malcolm Fraser, the former Prime Minister of __________ passed away in Mar 2015. His life after politics was dominated by human rights issues.
 A) Israel
 B) Australia
 C) New Zealand
 D) France
157Shahir Krishnarao Sable, the _________ folk legend passed away in in Mar 2015. He was a proficient singer, writer, playwright, performer, Loknatya (Folk Theater) producer-director.
 A) Hindi
 B) Gujarati
 C) Marathi
 D) None of These
158Former Lok Sabha speaker ____________-s book entitled -Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy - Speaker-s Perspective- was released in Mar 2015.
 A) Sumitra Mahajan
 B) Meira Kumar
 C) Mohammad Hamid Ansari
 D) Sushma Swaraj
159How many team Participated in the ICC world cup 2015 held in Feb-Mar 2015?
 A) 10
 B) 12
 C) 14
 D) 16
160Indian Artist __________ was conferred with the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (Chevalier dans l-Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) in Mar 2015. This is the highest cultural award of France.
 A) Bharti Kher
 B) Subodh Gupta
 C) Jitish Kallat
 D) Atul Dodiya

151Ans) United Arab Emirates
152Ans) M Akhaya
153Ans) Aditya Birla Retail
154Ans) Agartala
155Ans) Japan
156Ans) Australia
157Ans) Marathi
158Ans) Meira Kumar
159Ans) 14
160Ans) Bharti Kher

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