Current Affairs Mar 2015 Quiz - 12

111Renowned ecologist ____________ has been selected for the 2015 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement in Mar 2015. He will share the USD 200,000 worth cash prize with famous American marine ecologist Dr. Jane Lubchenco.
 A) Akhil Sharma
 B) M. S. Swaminathan
 C) Raghavendra Gadagkar
 D) Madhav Gadgil
112__________  has bagged MoneyGram's 'Best Sub-Agent in South Asian Region' for the third consecutive year in Mar 2015.
 A) Reliance Capital
 B) Muthoot Finance
 C) Bajaj Finance
 D) None of These

113Home Ministry has announced "Telangana Foundation Day" to be held on ___________ (announced in May 2014).
 A) 2-July
 B) 2-May
 C) 2-June
 D) 12-May
114Asian Development Bank (ADB) has projected India-s economy to grow at ____________ in financial year 2015-16 due to improved performance in industry and services, as per its latest report published in Mar 2015.
 A) 8.1%
 B) 7.1%
 C) 7.8%
 D) 6.8%
115________ will merge with ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co, owned by 3G Capital and Berkshire Hathaway Inc, as per the latest announcement made in Mar 2015. This combined entity will be the world's fifth-largest food and Beverage Company with the combined revenue of around USD 28 billion.
 A) P&G
 B) Unilever
 C) Kraft Foods
 D) None of These
116UK annual inflation rate stood at ________ in February (announced in Mar 2015).
 A) -0.3%
 B) 0%
 C) 0.1%
 D) 0.5%
117The Union government launched a new platform along with social networking giant ___________ for direct communication among leaders, government agencies and citizens through tweets and text messages, helping boost e-governance plans in Mar 2015.
 A) Google
 B) Facebook
 C) Twitter
 D) LinkedIn
118Famous Hindi poet __________ has been awarded with first National Kavi Pradeep Samman in Mar 2015.
 A) Pratibha Ray
 B) Ravuri Bharadwaja
 C) Dr Kedarnath Singh
 D) Gopaldas Neeraj
119Which Indian archer became the youngest archer to be added in the India Book of Records at 3 years age in Mar 2015?
 A) Dolly Shivani Cherukuri
 B) Mangal Singh Champia
 C) Jayanta Talukdar
 D) Jayalakshmi Sarikonda
120Which state tourism won the national Web Ratna Award for 2014 for -exemplary e-governance initiative through the Internet- (announced in Mar 2015)?
 A) Madhya Pradesh Tourism
 B) Maharashtra Tourism
 C) Kerala Tourism
 D) Gujarat Tourism

111Ans) Madhav Gadgil
112Ans) Muthoot Finance
113Ans) 2-June
114Ans) 7.8%
115Ans) Kraft Foods
116Ans) 0%
117Ans) Twitter
118Ans) Gopaldas Neeraj
119Ans) Dolly Shivani Cherukuri
120Ans) Kerala Tourism

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