Current Affairs June 2017 Quiz - 9

81__________________________ has become New Zealand's first Grand Slam champion.
 A) Shobhana Bhartia
 B) Ashvini Yardi
 C) Zarin Daruwala
 D) Michael Venus
82________________________, a well-known US actor has passed away at the age of 88.
 A) Vinita Bali
 B) Indra Nooyi
 C) Adam West
 D) Sindoori Reddy
83_______________________ has been appointed as the Head of Commercial Vehicle Business Unit and a member of the executive committee of Tata Motors.
 A) Ashok Mehta
 B) Girish Wagh
 C) Saroj Dharia
 D) Ramakrishna Hegde
84National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has energized India's first __________________ canal top solar PV System.
 A) 100kWp
 B) 120 kWp
 C) 150 kWp
 D) 140kWp
85__________________has acquired the No.1 rank in ODI batsmans ranking in the world.
 A) Suresh Raina
 B) Virat Kohli
 C) Sachin Tendulkar
 D) Manoj Tiwari
86_________________________, the Governor of California has been named as a special envoy to states at the next United Nations Climate Change Conference.
 A) Raven Klaasen
 B) Ivan Dodig
 C) Henri Kontinen
 D) Jerry Brown
87_____________________, one of the world-s leading comet scientists has been awarded with the Exceptional Public Service Medal of NASA.
 A) Bhargav Gajjar
 B) Michael A-Hearn
 C) C. Mohan
 D) G. N. Ramachandran
88The Human Resource Development department of_______________ government has signed an agreement with the British Council to enhance quality of education in the state.
 A) Bhutan
 B) Sikkim
 C) Manipur
 D) Asam
89Group of Seven (G7) Environment Ministers Meeting has been held in___________________, Italy to discuss issues ranging from climate change to sustainable development and litter at sea.
 A) Lombardy
 B) Bologna
 C) Piedmont
 D) Umbria
90Vietnam Grand Master Nguyen Duc Hoa has won the 10th Mumbai _____________________ International Open Chess Tournament.
 A) Singh Cup
 B) Mayor's Cup
 C) BMC Cup
 D) None of these

81Ans) Michael Venus
82Ans) Adam West
83Ans) Girish Wagh
84Ans) 150 kWp
85Ans) Virat Kohli
86Ans) Jerry Brown
87Ans) Michael A-Hearn
88Ans) Sikkim
89Ans) Bologna
90Ans) Mayor's Cup

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