Current Affairs June 2017 Quiz - 20

191United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has appointed________________ of the Russian Federation as Under-Secretary-General of the newly created United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office.
 A) Boris Yeltsin
 B) Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov
 C) Dmitry Medvedev
 D) Alexander Rutskoy
192Indian agricultural microbiologist ________________has been conferred the Ministry of Environment Award for 2017 in Japan.
 A) Shrihari Chandraghatgi
 B) Julie Theriot
 C) Scot Minnich
 D) Nahum Sonenburg
193The United Nations has warned that _________________ is now facing the worst cholera outbreak anywhere in the world.
 A) Austria
 B) Yemen
 C) Armenia
 D) Burundi
194Scientists from around the world are gathering in ____________________to share their latest findings on quantum computing, an epoch-making technology that is expected to lead to machines far faster than supercomputers.
 A) Tokyo
 B) Egypt
 C) Sudan
 D) Iraq
195_____________________, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir has been appointed as the president of the India International Centre (IIC) - one of the premier cultural institutions in the country.
 A) Shri Pravin Hari Kutumbe
 B) Ms. Anjuly Chib Duggal
 C) N N Vohra
 D) Pushpendra Rai
196Padma Vibhushan _____________________, Ex-ISRO Chief has been appointed as the Chairman of the committee to prepare the final draft of the National Education Policy.
 A) Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan
 B) Shayama Chona
 C) Uma Bharti
 D) Asra Nomani
197Actress ___________________ has been appointed as the ambassador for government-s flagship Skill India campaign, with the National Skill Development Corporation.
 A) Priyanka Chopra
 B) Raima Sen
 C) Vidya Balan
 D) Tabbu
198The Aamir Khan starrer __________________ has become the first Indian movie to earn Rs2,000 crore worldwide.
 A) Logan
 B) Dangal
 C) PK
 D) 3 idiots
199The Indian shooting squad has finished a creditable second at the ISSF Junior World Championship with three gold, two silver and three bronze medals in Suhl, ___________.
 A) Germany
 B) Russia
 C) China
 D) India
200__________________ from Maharashtra has created history by becoming the first Indian to complete the 4,941-km Race Across America (RAAM) in solo category.
 A) Idrees Ul Haq
 B) Karem Shivaji
 C) Dinesh Vaghela
 D) Srinivas Gokulnath

191Ans) Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov
192Ans) Shrihari Chandraghatgi
193Ans) Yemen
194Ans) Tokyo
195Ans) N N Vohra
196Ans) Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan
197Ans) Priyanka Chopra
198Ans) Dangal
199Ans) Germany
200Ans) Srinivas Gokulnath

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