Current Affairs June 2016 Quiz - 2

11Which country continues to hold No 1 position in the list of latest FIFA ranking published in June 2016?
 A) Belgium
 B) Germany
 C) Argentina
 D) Columbia
12Legendary _______ champion, Muhammad Ali passed away after battling with prolonged illness in June 2016.
 A) tennis
 B) basketball
 C) boxing
 D) football

13"International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking" is observed on __________.
 A) 26-June
 B) 24-June
 C) 21-June
 D) 29-June
14India has been ranked at ________ position among 163 countries as per the Good Country 2015 index published in June 2016.
 A) 54th
 B) 58th
 C) 70th
 D) 65th
15Which country topped the list among 163 countries as per the Good Country 2015 index published in June 2016?
 A) Denmark
 B) Sweden
 C) Netherlands
 D) UK
16Who won International Cricketer of the Year and International Batsman of the Year award at CEAT Cricket Awards 2016 held in June 2016?
 A) Virat Kohli
 B) Joe Root
 C) Kane Williamson
 D) AB de Villiers
17Who has been appointed as the new Managing Director of State Bank of Mysore in June 2016?
 A) Jimmy Tata
 B) K Balasubramanian
 C) T N Ninan
 D) N.K.Chari
18Senior IPS Officer, __________ has been appointed the Director General (DG)/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) in June 2016.
 A) Meera Borwankar
 B) C K Deshmukh
 C) Navin Agarwal
 D) PC Thakur
19Which Indian Banker was awarded with the 'Green Economy Visionary award' at the 2016 Union of Arab Banks International Banking Summit held in Rome in June 2016?
 A) Arundhati Bhattacharya
 B) K Balasubramanian
 C) Raghavan Seetharaman
 D) Chanda Kochhar
20Which Indian stock exchange has received the Reserve Bank of India-s approval to start an online bidding platform for Sovereign Gold Bond scheme in June 2016?
 A) Commodity Stock Exchange
 B) National Stock Exchange
 C) Bombay Stock Exchange
 D) None of These

11Ans) Argentina
12Ans) boxing
13Ans) 26-June
14Ans) 70th
15Ans) Sweden
16Ans) Joe Root
17Ans) N.K.Chari
18Ans) Navin Agarwal
19Ans) Raghavan Seetharaman
20Ans) Bombay Stock Exchange

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