Current Affairs June 2016 Quiz - 13

121________, the 3rd century BC archaeological site in Bangladesh, has been declared as the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SARRC) cultural capital for the year 2016-17.
 A) Paharpur
 B) Sompur Mahavihara
 C) Mahasthangarh
 D) None of These
122Ken Miyauchi has been appointed as the President and COO of SoftBank Group, he replaced _______ who has recently resigned.
 A) Sanjay Malik
 B) Nikesh Arora
 C) Anupam Pahuja
 D) Niraj Mittal

123Hockey winger of Russian Hockey team __________ won the 2015-16 Calder Memorial Trophy in June 2016.
 A) Connor McDavid
 B) Artemi Panarin
 C) Philadelphia Flyers
 D) None of These
124Famous Pakistani singer ________ was shot dead in the southern city of Karachi by some unknown gunmen in June 2016.
 A) Amjad Sabri
 B) Maqbool Ahmed Sabri
 C) Junaid Jamshed
 D) None of These
125Which country was ranked at No 1 position out of 130 countries based on the World Economic Forum's Human Capital Index, which measures countries- ability to nurture, develop and deploy talent for economic growth, as per data released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in June 2016?
 A) UK
 B) Germany
 C) Sweden
 D) Finland
126Which global tech company acquired France-based startup Moodstocks in June 2016?
 A) Microsoft
 B) Facebook
 C) Google
 D) Apple
127IIT-Kanpur professor _________ has been awarded the twenty-fifth GD Birla Award for Scientific Research for the year 2015 for his significant contributions have been in the area of Mechanics.
 A) Swati Neogi
 B) Narayan C. Pradhan
 C) Sanjay Mittal
 D) Jayanta Kumar Basu
128Indian IT Services Company _____________ acquired UK-based digital transformation firm The BIO Agency Ltd for around 45 million pounds in June 2016.
 B) Infosys
 C) Tech Mahindra
 D) Wipro
129Global payments platform, PayPal has appointed ___________ as Country Manager and MD for its India operations in June 2016.
 A) Sanjay Malik
 B) Nikesh Arora
 C) Anupam Pahuja
 D) Niraj Mittal
130Nokia has appointed _____________ as the head of Indian market in June 2016 with effective from 1st August.
 A) Sanjay Malik
 B) Nikesh Arora
 C) Anupam Pahuja
 D) Niraj Mittal

121Ans) Mahasthangarh
122Ans) Nikesh Arora
123Ans) Artemi Panarin
124Ans) Amjad Sabri
125Ans) Finland
126Ans) Google
127Ans) Sanjay Mittal
128Ans) Tech Mahindra
129Ans) Anupam Pahuja
130Ans) Sanjay Malik

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