Current Affairs June 2015 Quiz - 9

81Hindi authors __________ were awarded with the 10th Navlekhan Award of Bharatiya Jnanpith for novel Ek Zindagi Ek Ek Script Bhar and poem Prem Gilhari Dil Akhrot in June 2015.
 A) Babusha Kohli and Upasana
 B) Kedarnath Singh and Kashinath
 C) Babusha Kohli and Ashok Vajpeyi
 D) None of These
82Senior IAS officer ____________ was given additional charge as Director General, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for three months or till the appointment of a regular incumbent or until further orders in June 2015.
 A) MJ Joseph
 B) Anoop Kumar Srivastava
 C) G Gurucharan
 D) None of These

83Who was re-elected as the President of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) in June 2015?
 A) Vijay Patil
 B) Sharad Pawar
 C) Dilip Vengsarkar
 D) Ashish Shelar
84Britain-s longest-serving Indian-origin MP, _________ was re-elected as chairman of Parliaments Home Affairs Select Committee for the third consecutive time in June 2015.
 A) Keith Vaz
 B) Virendra Sharma
 C) Valerie Vaz
 D) Sadiq Khan
85Wealth-X group has released the list of the world's 25 Wealthiest Self-Made Billionaires List in June 2015. Who topped the list with total net worth of USD 85.7 billion?
 A) Warren Buffett
 B) Bill Gates
 C) Amancio Ortega
 D) Lawrence Ellison
86"National Statistics Day is observed" is observed in India on __________.
 A) 24-June
 B) 22-June
 C) 29-June
 D) 21-June
87Journalist and Author ________ was appointed as Executive Director of Amnesty International India in June 2015.
 A) Salil Shetty
 B) Aakar Patel
 C) Irene Khan
 D) None of These
88Which Indian bank has launched eforex, an Internet-based platform to enable customers to book their foreign exchange transactions online, in June 2015?
 A) Bank of Baroda
 B) State Bank of India
 C) Punjab National Bank
 D) Central Bank of India
89Which country launched the world-s first electric passenger aircraft named as BX1E in June 2015 which can be used in pilot training, tourism and rescue operations?
 A) Japan
 B) China
 C) South Korea
 D) Germany
90Scientists has named a newly discovered galaxy after football striker _________ in June 2015. The galaxy was labeled as CR7 (COSMOS Redshift 7). This is three times brighter than the brightest distant galaxy known till now, called Himiko.
 A) Neymar
 B) Lionel Messi
 C) Cristiano Ronaldo
 D) None of These

81Ans) Babusha Kohli and Upasana
82Ans) G Gurucharan
83Ans) Sharad Pawar
84Ans) Keith Vaz
85Ans) Bill Gates
86Ans) 29-June
87Ans) Aakar Patel
88Ans) State Bank of India
89Ans) China
90Ans) Cristiano Ronaldo

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