Current Affairs June 2015 Quiz - 3

21Who has been appointed Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) in June 2015?
 A) Vijai Sharma
 B) K V Chowdary
 C) Anita Kapur
 D) Pradeep Kumar
22Which Indian Airlines Companies have entered into an alliance with IRCTC to sell wait listed tickets on the IRCTC website in June 2015?
 A) Spice Jet and IndiGo
 B) Spice Jet and Go Air
 C) Spice Jet and Jet Airways
 D) Indigo and Go Air

23Indian Athlete __________ won her maiden gold in a major international event by winning the women's 800m finals in the 21st Asian Athletics Championships held in June 2015.
 A) Tintu Luka
 B) Renjith Maheshwary
 C) Seema Punia
 D) Mandeep Kaur
24The Reserve Bank of India has kept the SLR rate unchanged at  ________ during its announcement of bi-monthly monetary policy review in June 2015.
 A) 23.5%
 B) 22.5%
 C) 23%
 D) 21.5%
25Which european football club made a history after winning the UEFA Champions League title and completed an unprecedented second treble in June 2015? This is its fifth European title and became the first team to twice win the European treble.
 A) Real Madrid
 B) Barcelona
 C) Bayern Munich
 D) Juventas
26Who won the Candadian Grand Prix held in Canada in June 2015?
 A) Lewis Hamilton
 B) Sebastian Vettel
 C) Nico Rosberg
 D) Kimi Raikkonen
27"World Ocean Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 4-June
 B) 5-June
 C) 8-June
 D) 11-June
28The Employees- Provident Fund Organisation has announced that it would invest ________ of its funds in the equity market, announced in June 2015.
 A) 3%
 B) 10%
 C) 5%
 D) 6%
29Senior IPS officer ____________ has been appointed as the new chief of India-s National Security Guard (NSG) in June 2015 which is the country-s elite force to counter terror attack.
 A) Subhash Joshi
 B) R C Tayal
 C) Ajay Chadha
 D) None of These
30The Department of Financial Services of India has given additional charge of Managing Director and CEO of Bank of India to ________ in June 2015.
 A) Arun Shrivastava
 B) Kshatrapati Shivaji
 C) Ranjan Dhawan
 D) B.P. Sharma

21Ans) K V Chowdary
22Ans) Spice Jet and Go Air
23Ans) Tintu Luka
24Ans) 21.5%
25Ans) Barcelona
26Ans) Lewis Hamilton
27Ans) 8-June
28Ans) 5%
29Ans) R C Tayal
30Ans) B.P. Sharma

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