Current Affairs June 2014 Quiz - 7

61Which retired IAS Officer has been appointed as Additional Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in June 2014?
 D) P K Mishra
 D) Ranjit Sinha
 A) Rajeev Topno
 B) Abhijit Guha
62Which IPL team was the Runners Up of the seventh Edition of IPL held in May-June 2014?
 A) Kings Eleven Punjab
 B) Kolkata Knight Riders
 C) Chennai Super Kings
 D) Rajasthan Royals
63Which footballer was termed as the world's most valuable footballer, In its annual report published by the Swiss-based CIES Football Observatory in June 2014?
 A) Cristiano Ronaldo
 B) Neymar
 C) Lionel Messi
 D) Ronaldinho
64The autobiography -The Substance and the Shadow- of which Legenderay Bollywood actor was released at an event in Mumbai in June 2014?
 A) Amitabh Bachchan
 B) Pran
 C) Dilip Kumar
 D) Rajesh Khanna
65India has joined the race for the post of Interpol Secretary General for the first time as CBI chief ____________ became the first Indian to be shortlisted for Interpol Secretary General in June 2016?
 D) P K Mishra
 D) Ranjit Sinha
 A) Rajeev Topno
 B) Abhijit Guha
66India was ranked at _________- with 175,000 millionaire households in 2013 and is projected to become the seventh wealthiest nation by 2018, as per the Boston Consulting Group's report published in June 2014.
 A) 20th rank
 B) 11st rank
 C) 15th rank
 D) 12th rank
67Which Indian Crickter was named the International Player of the Year, as announced in June 2014?
 A) Shikhar Dhawan
 B) MS Dhoni
 C) Virat Kohli
 D) Suresh Raina
68"World Environment Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 4-June
 B) 5-June
 C) 14-June
 C) 14-June
69Which state government launched three varieties of low-cost salt, named as -Amma Salt- in June 2014?
 A) West Bengal
 B) Bihar
 C) Tamil Nadu
 D) Uttar Pradesh
70Which Indian PSU bank has announced in June 2014 that it would combine its five associate banks with itself in order to expand business?
 A) Punjab National Bank
 B) Central Bank of India
 C) Bank of Baroda
 D) State Bank of India

Check below for answers:
61Ans) P K Mishra
62Ans) Kings Eleven Punjab
63Ans) Lionel Messi
64Ans) Dilip Kumar
65Ans) Ranjit Sinha
66Ans) 15th rank
67Ans) Shikhar Dhawan
68Ans) 5-June
69Ans) Tamil Nadu
70Ans) State Bank of India