Current Affairs June 2014 Quiz - 21

201Which Indian PSU bank launched MahaSecure, a digital banking app, to enable secure access to Internet banking facilities for both retail and corporate customers of the bank in June 2014?
 A) Punjab National Bank
 B) Central Bank of India
 C) Bank of Baroda
 D) Bank of Maharashtra
202Which Indian infrastructure company has won the arbitration award against Maldivian government for wrongful termination of Airport project contract in June 2014?
 A) Unitec
 B) DLF Home Developers
 C) GMR Group
 D) None of These
203India-born ______________ was honoured with Champions of Change by the White House in June 2014.
 A) Gargee Ghosh
 B) Neal Katyal
 C) Nisha Desai Biswal
 D) Pratishtha Khanna
204Global skin care giant _________ announced in June 2014 to set up its first ever manufacturing plant in India at Sanand near Gujarat.
 A) Nivea
 B) L-Oréal
 C) Avon Products
 D) Revlon
205Who became the first Assembly speaker of Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation in June 2014?
 A) Kodela Siva Prasada Rao
 B) Sirikonda Madhusudhana Chary
 C) E S L Narasimhan
 D) None of These
206The Sixth Asian Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction held in ___________ in June 2014.
 A) Kulalampur
 B) Bangkok
 C) New Delhi
 D) Shanghai
207The department of public enterprises has granted Navratna status to National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC) and Engineers India Limited (EIL) following fulfillment of prescribed criteria. This was announced in June 2014. With this they beame the ____________ Navratna Company amongst 250 Central PSUs.
 A) 12th and 13th
 B) 15th and 16th
 C) 16th and 17th
 D) 13th and 14th
208Ancient Pyu Cities became the first site from ___________ to be inscribed on the UNESCO-s World Heritage Site List in June 2014. The Ancient Pyu Cities include three cities Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra.
 A) Combodia
 B) Thailand
 C) Myanmar
 D) Indonesia
209___________ President Jim Young Kim said in June 2014 that India can save more than 27,000 lives and create over 128,000 jobs if it builds 1,000 kilometres of new bus rapid transit (BRT) lanes in the next 20 years.
 B) World Bank
 C) United Nations
 D) Asian Development Bank
210Britain's premium luxury goods brand East India Company has issued an exclusive legal tender gold coin worth 12,000 pound sterling in honour of Indian Cricketer _____________ in June 2014.
 A) MS Dhoni
 B) Sachin Tendulkar
 C) Sunil Gavaskar
 D) Kapil Dev

Check below for answers:
201Ans) Bank of Maharashtra
202Ans) GMR Group
203Ans) Pratishtha Khanna
204Ans) Nivea
205Ans) Kodela Siva Prasada Rao
206Ans) Bangkok
207Ans) 15th and 16th
208Ans) Myanmar
209Ans) World Bank
210Ans) Sachin Tendulkar