Current Affairs June 2014 Quiz - 11

101India have finished at _______ position in the on-going men's hockey World Cup tournament held in Netherlands in June 2014.
 A) Eighth
 B) Tenth
 C) Ninth
 D) Seventh
102Which writer has been shortlisted for the prestigious Moortidevi Award for 2013 for his novel "Theekkadal Katanhu Thirumadhuram" (announced in June 2014)?
 A) M. Mukundan
 B) O. V. Vijayan
 C) C Radhakrishnan
 D) Perumbadavam Sreedharan
103Which country won the men-s hockey World Cup title after defeating the Netherlands by 6-1 in the final at the Kyocera Stadium in June 2014?
 A) Germany
 B) Australia
 C) Argentina
 D) Japan
104Which Formula One champion came out of coma in June 2014 after months of struggle after sustaining severe head injuries in a ski accident in the French Alps last year?
 A) Ayrton Senna
 B) Niki Lauda
 C) Michael Schumacher
 D) Sebastian Vettel
105India-s overall inflation, measured by the Wholesale price index, stood at _______ in April 2014 (published in May 2014).
 A) 4.8%
 B) 6.01%
 C) 5.7%
 D) 5.2%
106"Statistics Day is observed" is observed in India on __________.
 A) 24-June
 B) 22-June
 C) 29-June
 D) 21-June
107Which Crickter was named as the T20 Player of the Year, as announced in June 2014?
 A) Mitchell Johnson
 B) George Bailey
 C) Virat Kohli
 D) Shakib Al Hasan
108Who won Presidential re-election in Colombia and re-elected as the President of the country in June 2014?
 A) Juan Manuel Santos
 B) Oscar Ivan Zuluaga
 C) lvaro Uribe
 D) Gustavo Petro
109FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) inflow to China stood at ________ in May 2014 (announced in June 2014), its lowest level in last 16 months. mainly due to slow growth.
 A) USD 126 billion
 B) USD 86 billion
 C) USD 46 billion
 D) USD 52 billion
110The Indian government has appointed former Chief Justice of India __________ as arbitrator in the Rs. 20,000 crore tax dispute case with UK telecom giant Vodafone in June 2014.
 A) S. H. Kapadia
 B) Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal
 C) K. G. Balakrishnan
 D) R.C Lahoti

Check below for answers:
101Ans) Ninth
102Ans) C Radhakrishnan
103Ans) Australia
104Ans) Michael Schumacher
105Ans) 6.01%
106Ans) 29-June
107Ans) Shakib Al Hasan
108Ans) Juan Manuel Santos
109Ans) USD 86 billion
110Ans) R.C Lahoti