Current Affairs June 2013 Quiz - 8

71Which tech company announced its acquisition of online mapping service Waze in a USD 1.03 billion deal in June 2013?
 A) Yahoo
 B) Facebook
 C) Google
 D) LinkedIn
72India-s overall inflation, measured by the Wholesale Price Index stood at ________ in April.
 A) 4.95%
 B) 4.89%
 C) 4.7%
 D) 5.20%
73Who is the new Minister of Road and Highways Ministry after cabinet reshuffle announced in June 2013?
 A) Sisram Ola
 B) Oscar Fernandes
 C) Girija Vyas
 D) Dr K S Rao
74Political Party JD(U) today broke its ties with BJP in protest against the elevation of Narendra Modi in June 2013. JD(U) is major political party/runs government in which state?
 A) Bihar
 B) Odissa
 C) Assam
 D) Madhya Pradesh
75The RBI has kept repo rate unchanged at _______ during its monetary policy review meet in June 2013.
 A) 7%
 B) 7.25%
 C) 7%
 D) 6.25%
76"World Day against Child Labour" is observed on __________.
 A) 14-June
 B) 15-June
 C) 12-June
 D) 11-June
77Who won the Indonesia Open men's single title for a fifth time held in June 2013?
 A) Marc Zwiebler
 B) Lee Chong Wei
 C) Chen Long
 D) Lin Dan
78Who has been appointed as the President of UN General Assembly for its upcoming 68th session in June 2013?
 A) John W Ashe
 B) Vuk Jeremi?
 C) Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser
 D) Joseph Deiss
79India's Trade deficit stood at _________ in May (published in June 2013).
 A) USD 15.7 billion
 B) USD 17.8 billion
 C) USD 20.1 billion
 D) None of These
80Who maintained first place in the men-s tennis rankings issued by the ATP in June 2013?
 A) Roger Federer
 B) Andy Murray
 C) Novak Djokovic
 D) David Ferrer

Check below for answers..........
71Ans) Google
72Ans) 4.7%
73Ans) Oscar Fernandes
74Ans) Bihar
75Ans) 7.25%
76Ans) 12-June
77Ans) Lee Chong Wei
78Ans) John W Ashe
79Ans) USD 20.1 billion
80Ans) Novak Djokovic