Current Affairs June 2013 Quiz - 17

161Who is author of the book "Dard-e-Dil Likhun Kab Tak- which was released  by the Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari in June 2013?
 A) Parveen Talha
 B) Kamal Amroh
 C) Rukhsar Amrohi
 D) Bhavna Singh
162India signed an agreement for loan of _________ with World Bank for the
National AIDS Control Project (NACP-IV) in New Delhi in June 2013.
 A) USD 300 Billion
 B) USD 255 Billion
 C) USD 350 Billion
 D) USD 200 Billion
163Which Indian financial company became the first company to  suspend gold sales in June 2013?
 A) L&T Finance
 B) Reliance Capital
 C) Muthoot Finance Corp
 D) Bajaj Finserv
164India's highest Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) will be set up at which location?
 A) Himachal Pradesh
 B) Nyoma, Leh district
 C) Uttarakhand
 D) Uttar Pradesh
16539th G-8 Summit was held in June 2013 in which country?
 A) China
 B) UK
 C) France
166The Union Cabinet of India approved the Real Estate Bill 2013 in June 2013. What is the major objective for the new regulator for Real estate sector?
 A) To set up a regulator for the real estate sector
 B) To protect home buyers money
 C) To make all relevant clearances for real estate projects
 D) All of these
167Which Indian state has achieved the distinction of having the highest incidence of crime against women for the second year running in 2012 according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in June 2013?
 A) Bihar
 B) West Bengal
 C) Uttar Pradesh
 D) Odissa
168Who became the new Prime Minister of the Czech Republic in June 2013?
 A) Miroslav Kalousek
 B) Miroslava Nemcova
 C) Petr Necas
 D) Karel Schwarzenberg
169Which Tech company signed an agreement with Warner Music for music licences so as to create a streaming music service in June 2013?
 A) Google
 B) Microsoft
 C) Apple
 D) Facebook
170Which state government has made possession of UID Number mandatory for the teaching and non-teaching staffs to draw their salary in June 2013?
 A) Maharashtra
 B) Gujarat
 C) Kerala
 D) Karnataka

Check below for answers..........
161Ans) Rukhsar Amrohvi
162Ans) USD 255 Billion
163Ans) Reliance Capital
164Ans) Nyoma, Leh district
165Ans) UK
166Ans) All of these
167Ans) West Bengal
168Ans) Miroslava Nemcova
169Ans) Apple
170Ans) Maharashtra