Current Affairs June 2013 Quiz - 12

111Which team won the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 held in UK in June 2013?
 A) West Indies
 B) England
 C) India
 D) Sri Lanka
112"World Environment Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 4-June
 B) 5-June
 C) 14-June
 D) 15-June
113Who has been named as the most powerful celebrity as per the list published by Forbes in June 2013?
 A) Oprah Winfrey
 B) Steven Spielberg
 C) Lady Gaga
 D) Beyonce
114Who won the "Man of the Series" award in the ICC Champions Trophy held in June 2013?
 A) Sikhar Dhawan
 B) Ravindra Jadeja
 C) MS Dhoni
 D) Suresh Raina
115US economic growth for the first quarter of 2013 has been revised downwards to _________.
 A) 2.4%
 B) 2.1%
 C) 1.8%
 D) 2.6%
116The World Bank has lowered world economic growth forecast to _____ in June 2013?
 A) 2%
 B) 2.2%
 C) 2.1%
 D) 2.4%
117Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi inaugurated a train service between _______ in Jammu region and Qazigund in Kashmir in June 2013.
 A) Banihal
 B) Katraj
 C) Udhampur
 D) Ramban
118Who has been appointed as Director General, National Disaster Response Force and Civil Defence (NDRF&CD) in June 2013?
 A) P M Nair
 B) VK Duggal
 C) Shri Krishna Chaudhary
 D) Krishan Kumar Jalan
119"World Music Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 24-June
 B) 22-June
 C) 20-June
 D) 21-June
120Name the CEO of Bharti Walmart, Indian arm of global retail giant Walmart, who resigned in June 2013.
 A) Ramnik Narsey
 B) Raj Jain
 C) Mittu Chandilya
 D) Sunil Lalvani

Check below for answers..........
111Ans) India
112Ans) 5-June
113Ans) Oprah Winfrey
114Ans) Sikhar Dhawan
115Ans) 1.8%
116Ans) 2.2%
117Ans) Banihal
118Ans) Shri Krishna Chaudhary
119Ans) 21-June
120Ans) Raj Jain