Current Affairs June 2013 Quiz - 11

101The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, took oath as the member of Rajya Sabha in June 2013. He was elected to Rajya Sabha for the ______ consecutive term from Assam.
 A) Forth
 B) Fifth
 C) Sixth
 D) Seventh
102"International Olympic Day " is observed on __________.
 A) 24-June
 B) 22-June
 C) 23-June
 D) 21-June
103Who is the new Minister of Textiles Ministry after cabinet reshuffle announced in June 2013?
 A) Sisram Ola
 B) Oscar Fernandes
 C) Girija Vyas
 D) Dr K S Rao
104Who won the "Man of the Match" award in the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 final which India won?
 A) Sikhar Dhawan
 B) Ravindra Jadeja
 C) MS Dhoni
 D) Suresh Raina
105The Emir of which country Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has handed over power to his son Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in June 2013?
 B) Iran
 C) Qatar
 D) Saudi Arabia
106To safeguard the interest of public shareholders, the SEBI has made it mandatory for the companies to buyback at least _____ of their repurchase offers.
 A) 25%
 B) 50%
 C) 40%
 D) 60%
107IThe labour force participation rate (LFPR), the ratio of labour force to the population, declined to ___________ in 2011-12, as per the data released by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation in June 2013.
 A) 33.5%
 B) 43.5%
 C) 37%
 D) 39.5%
108Which country retained No 1 rank in the FIFA world football rankings published  in June 2013?
 A) Spain
 B) Germany
 C) Argentina
 D) Brazil
109Post merger with Satyam Computer, Tech Mahindra became India's __________ largest IT Services Company.
 A) 7th
 B) 5th
 C) 6th
 D) 8th
110Who was honoured with the -2013 Indian Business Leader of the Year- award at the 2013 Global India Business Meeting held at Belfast UK in June 2013?
 A) Anand Mahindra
 B) Adi Godrej
 C) Sanjiv Goenka
 D) Ratan Tata

Check below for answers..........
101Ans) Fifth
102Ans) 23-June
103Ans) Dr K S Rao
104Ans) Ravindra Jadeja
105Ans) Qatar
106Ans) 50%
107Ans) 39.5%
108Ans) Spain
109Ans) 6th
110Ans) Sanjiv Goenka