Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – VI


India’s Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza won their second mixed doubles Grand Slam in which Tennis tournament in June 2012?
  A) French Open
  B) Wimbledon
  C) Australian Open
  D) US Open


India based US corporate Rajat Gupta has recently been convicted in which case?
  A) Corporate Fruad
  B) Money Laundering
  C) Insider Trading
  D) None of These


North-East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) will be established in which place?
  A) Guwahati
  B) Aizwal
  C) Shillong
  D) Siliguri


India has recently demand full membership in SCO. Full form of SCO?
  A) Sahanghai Corporation Organization
  B) Space Co-operation Organization
  C) Science Co-operation Organization
  D) None of These


Which of this is not a member state of SCO?
  A) Russia
  B) Uzbekistan
  C) Kazakhstan
  D) Mangolia


India has inked agreement with which country recently in June 2012 to promote Textile sector?
  A) China
  B) Kazakhstan
  C) Malaysia
  D) Turkey


Which company is the main sponsor of London Olympics which drew lots of controversy in India for its involvement in Bhopal gas Tragedy?
  A) Exxon Mobil
  B) Dow Chemical
  C) British Petrolem
  D) Shell


Who has been appointed as the head of Metro Advisoy Board, which was set up to co-ordinate Metro rail network development plans across the country?
  A) K C Chakrabarty
  B) Sudhir Krishna
  C) R K Sinha
  D) Sekhar Basu


Rajat Gupta, recently convicted in Insider Trading case, was the first India born CEO of which global corporation?
  A) Goldman Sachs
  B) P&G
  C) Pepsico
  D) McKinsey


Who will lead the Indian hockey team in London Olympics?
  A) Bharat Chetri
  B) Manpreet Singh
  C) Sandeep Singh
  D) V R Raghunath


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  1. Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – VI Answers

    51 Ans) French Open
    52 Ans) Insider Trading
    53 Ans) Shillong
    54 Ans) Sahanghai Corporation Organization
    55 Ans) Mangolia
    56 Ans) Kazakhstan
    57 Ans) Dow Chemical
    58 Ans) Sudhir Krishna
    59 Ans) McKinsey
    60 Ans) Bharat Chetri

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