Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – IV


Who (Female) has won the French open singles title in June 2012?
  A) Maria Sharapova
  B) Sara Errani
  C) Serena Willams
  D) Venus Williams


Who (Male) has won the French open singles title in June 2012?
  A) Novak Djokovic
  B) Roger Federar
  C) Rafael Nadal
  D) None of These


Who is the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India?
  A) Kaushik Basu
  B) Deepak Parekh
  C) K C Chakrabarty
  D) None of These


Which Indian domestic airlines registered highest market share in May 2012?
  A) Indigo
  B) Jet Airways
  C) Air India
  D) Spice Jet


Global credit rating agency Moody’s has cut debt rating of which global mobile company to Junk status recently (June 2012)?
  A) RIM
  B) Motorola
  C) Nokia
  D) HTC


India’s retail inflation in May stood at?
  A) 10.02%
  B) 10.36%
  C) 10.45%
  D) 10.22%


Which global tech giant has unveiled its first tablet named “Surface” in June 2012?
  A) Nokia
  B) Amazon
  C) Google
  D) Microsoft


Which  Indian Hockey player has been suspended for 1 year for his anti- doping rule violation?
  A) Sandeep Singh
  B) Manpreet Singh
  C) Adrin D’Souza
  D) V R Raghunath


Which Global credit rating agency has affirmed India’s outlook as “Stable” recently?
  A) S&P
  B) Fitch
  C) Moody’s


Who won the won the historic presidential polls in Egypt recently held in June 2012?
  A) Ahmed Shafiq
  B) Hosni Mubarak
  C) Mohammed Mursi
  D) None of These


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  1. Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – IV Answers

    31 Ans) Maria Sharapova
    32 Ans) Rafael Nadal
    33 Ans) K C Chakrabarty
    34 Ans) Indigo
    35 Ans) Nokia
    36 Ans) 10.36%
    37 Ans) Microsoft
    38 Ans) Adrin D’Souza
    39 Ans) Moody’s
    40 Ans) Mohammed Mursi

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