Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – II


Rating agency Crisil has lowered India’s economic growth projection for the current fiscal year 2012-13 to?
  A) 6.5%
  B) 7%
  C) 6%
  D) 7.5%


Who has been appointed as the the next Chief of the Indian Navy?
  A) Sureesh Mehta
  B) Nirmal Verma
  C) Devendra Kumar Joshi
  D) None of These


Who has recently taken the oath as the new Supreme Court judge in June 2012?
  A) Ranjan Gogoi
  B) Ranjana Desai
  C) Madan Bhimarao Lokur
  D) None of These


Which global telecom giant has acquired Hughes Telematics for USD 612 million in June 2012?
  A) Verizon
  B) AT&T
  C) Vodafone
  D) Telenor


Which Tech giant has recently acquired online chat site Meebo in June 2012?
  A) Microsoft
  B) Facebook
  C) Google
  D) Yahoo


Which day was observed as the World Environment Day (WED)?
  A) 10th June
  B) 15th June
  C) 5th June
  D) 25th June


Who has been appointed as the new Chief Election Commissioner?
  A) S Y Quraishi
  B) Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
  C) V S Sampath
  D) None of These


Which social networking site has acknowledged the security breach by hackers in June 2012 which has impacted 6.4 million accounts?
  A) Facebook
  B) LinkedIn
  C) Twitter
  D) None of These


Who has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Electronics ?
  A) Kwon Oh-hyun
  B) Lee Kun-hee
  C) Choi Gee-sung
  D) Jay Lee


Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza have won the mixed doubles title at which Gland Slam tournament in June 2012?
  A) Wimbledon
  B) French Open
  C) Australian Open
  D) US Open


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  1. Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – II Answers

    11 Ans) 6.5%
    12 Ans) Devendra Kumar Joshi
    13 Ans) Madan Bhimarao Lokur
    14 Ans) Verizon
    15 Ans) Google
    16 Ans) 5th June
    17 Ans) V S Sampath
    18 Ans) LinkedIn
    19 Ans) Kwon Oh-hyun
    20 Ans) French Open

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