Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – I


Swiss-born Ackermann and Indian born Anshu Jain have been appointed as Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank in June 2012, They have succeeded?
  A) Josef Ackermann
  B) Bob Diamond
  C) Brian Moynihan
  D) None of These


Which brand has been named as the “Numero Uno” brand in the UK in terms of customer satisfaction by the ’2012 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS)’?
  A) Vodafone
  B) Land Rover
  C) Jaguar
  D) None of These


Which country in the list has the highest unemployment rate in the euro zone?
  A) Spain
  B) Portugal
  C) UK
  D) Italy


Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the India’s largest insurer Life Insurance Corporation of India in June 2012?
  A) K C Chakrabarty
  B) Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
  C) Sekhar Basu
  D) None of These


Which IT company has acquired Logica for GBP 1.7 billion recently?
  A) Capgemini
  B) CGI Group
  C) Accenture
  D) CSC


India’s export growth in April stood at?
  A) 3.5%
  B) 13%
  C) 3.2%
  D) 8.5%


Which country will host the 2013 Asia Cup hockey for the second consecutive time?
  A) Japan
  B) Thailand
  C) Malaysia
  D) South Korea


Which country won bronze medal in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup held in May-June 2012?
  A) England
  B) Pakistan
  C) New Zealand
  D) India


India’s which state has become the fastest growing state for the second consecutive year in 2011-12?
  A) Gujarat
  B) Delhi
  C) Bihar
  D) Maharashtra


Which country won Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament in June 2012?
  A) Argentina
  B) New Zealand
  C) India
  D) England


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  1. Current Affairs June 2012 Quiz – I Answers

    1 Ans) Josef Ackermann
    2 Ans) Jaguar
    3 Ans) Spain
    4 Ans) Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
    5 Ans) CGI Group
    6 Ans) 3.2%
    7 Ans) Malaysia
    8 Ans) India
    9 Ans) Bihar
    10 Ans) New Zealand

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