Current Affairs July 2017 Quiz - 7

61Veteran Hindi and Bengali actress_____________________has passed away at the age of 71.
 A) Sumita Sanyal
 B) Kankana Sen Sharma
 C) Bipasa Basu
 D) Kajol
62Indian origin_____________________, a 69-year-old Glenwood resident has been awarded Order of Australia for community work, the highest civilian award in Australia.
 A) Sri Rihon Daimari
 B) Guruswamy Jayraman
 C) Sri Chandra Mohan Patowary
 D) Parimal Sukhlabaidya
63To facilitate trade and to improve communication between the two countries, India and _____________________ have decided to construct a bridge over Mizoram-s Khawthlangtuipui river (also known as Karnaphuli river).
 A) Pakistan
 B) Bangladesh
 C) China
 D) Srilanka
64______________________, a 14-year-old amateur from Thailand has won on the Ladies European Tour, supplanting Lydia Ko as the youngest champion on the circuit.
 A) Atthaya Thitikul
 B) Simon Vroemen
 C) John Kosgei
 D) Etenesh Diro Neda
65has roared to the second victory of his career the winning the Austrian Grand Prix for Mercedes.
 A) Patrick Sang
 B) Eliud Barngetuny
 C) Valtteri Bottas
 D) Abel Mutai
66Senior bureaucrat__________________ has been appointed Director General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DG GSTI).
 A) Kipkirui Misoi
 B) Habiba Ghribi
 C) Evan Jager
 D) John Joseph
67Rio Olympics silver medallist __________________ has been awarded with the 'Sportsperson of the Year' award during the -Maruti Suzuki Sportsperson of the Year- Charity Gala Awards.
 A) Saina Nehwal
 B) Sania Mirza
 C) P V sindhu
 D) Andre Agrassi
68The famous blue-bordered sari of ______________________, who has been canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta by the Vatican has been recognized as an Intellectual Property of the Missionaries of Charity.
 A) Mother Teresa
 B) St. Albertus Magnus
 C) St. Anthony
 D) St. Mathew
69Venezuela's state-owned oil firm Petroleos de Venezuela has offered a_______________ stake in an oil field to ONGC Videsh, the international arm of India's state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.
 A) 6%
 B) 9%
 C) 5%
 D) 4%
70____________________, former Indian Ambassador to U.S. has passed away at the age of 82.
 A) Padma Vibhushan Naresh Chandra
 B) Ramana Maharishi
 C) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
 D) Raghavendra

61Ans) Sumita Sanyal
62Ans) Guruswamy Jayraman
63Ans) Bangladesh
64Ans) Atthaya Thitikul
65Ans) Valtteri Bottas
66Ans) John Joseph
67Ans) P V Sindhu
68Ans) Mother Teresa
69Ans) 9%
70Ans) Padma Vibhushan Naresh Chandra

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