Current Affairs July 2017 Quiz - 6

51The twelfth G20 Summit has been hosted by________________, Germany.
 A) Cologne
 B) Baarlin
 C) Hamburg
 D) Munich
52France will end sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by_________________.
 A) 2031
 B) 2040
 C) 2019
 D) 2050
53______________________ has been appointed as the Director General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DG GSTI).
 A) Kipkirui Misoi
 B) Habiba Ghribi
 C) Evan Jager
 D) John Joseph
54Danfoss India, Climate and energy efficiency solutions company has been conferred with the ________________________ for Environment Management.
 A) -Golden Peacock Award-
 B) 'Energy Globe Award'
 C) 'Green Flag Award'
 D) World Conservation Award'
55___________________ Ltd has bagged Prime Minister-s trophy for -Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant-.
 A) Shyam Steel
 B) Toptech Steel
 C) Tata Steel
 D) Captain Steel
56Music composer _________________ has been nominated at the World Soundtrack Awards for his music in the film 'Viceroy's House'.
 A) Joy Sarkar
 B) Santanu Maitra
 C) AR Rahman
 D) Jeet Ganguly
57_______________________ city has been declared as a World Heritage City at the 41st session of UNESCO's world heritage committee being held at Krakow in Poland.
 A) Ahmedabad
 B) Surat
 C) Rajkot
 D) Vadodara
58___________________, the world's third-largest oil importer will import crude oil from the United States for the first time.
 A) Pakistan
 B) India
 C) China
 D) Afganistan
59____________________ has topped the medal tally for the first time in the history of Asian Athletics Championships.
 A) Pakistan
 B) India
 C) China
 D) Afganistan
60India-s _________________ has won South Australian Open squash title.
 A) Ramy Ahour
 B) James Willstrop
 C) Harinder Pal Sandhu
 D) Peter Nicol

51Ans) Hamburg
52Ans) 2040
53Ans) John Joseph
54Ans) -Golden Peacock Award-
55Ans) Tata Steel
56Ans) AR Rahman
57Ans) Ahmedabad
58Ans) India
59Ans) India
60Ans) Harinder Pal Sandhu

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