Current Affairs July 2017 Quiz - 2

11The CISF security cover at the_________________ has been rated as the best service in this domain by World Quality Congress, a global quality rating agency.
 A) Bhubaneswar Airport
 B) Kolkata Airport
 C) Ranchi Airport
 D) Delhi airport
12____________________ has been ranked as the second best climate think tank in the world.
 A) Burn Standard Company
 B) The Energy Resources Institute
 C) Cement Corporation of India
 D) Central Coalfields Limited
13___________________ has successfully test-fired an indigenously developed Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air-Missile (QRSAM).
 A) The Defence Research and Development Organisation
 B) Aeronautics and Space Research and Diffusion Center
 C) Russian space agency Roscosmos
 D) Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization
14The Indian Institute of Technology, _________________has started a special helpline for girl students to increase their enrolment.
 A) Kanpur
 B) Kharagpur
 C) Delhi
 D) Mumbai
15_________________of Chennai has become the champion of the Guatemala badminton future series.
 A) R. Karan Rajan
 B) Syed Modi
 C) Aparna Popat
 D) Chetan Anand
16_____________________, an openly gay woman has been voted in as the prime minister of Serbia.
 A) Ana Brnabic
 B) Balkan Insight
 C) Cooper Hewell
 D) Damian Bryan
17______________________, a French judge has been appointed to lead an international panel tasked with gathering evidence of war crimes in Syria's six-year war.
 A) Eva Joly
 B) Catherine Marchi-Uhel
 C) Germain Sengalin
 D) Jean Louis
18___________________ has launched a ballistic missile.
 A) North Korea
 B) South Korea
 C) Cape Town
 D) Durban
19__________________has lifted their maiden Confederation Cup Football title.
 A) Japan
 B) Germany
 C) France
 D) Italy
20______________________, general of police (DGP) of Himachal Pradesh has been appointed as the new chief of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).
 A) Sanjay Kumar
 B) Sanjib Kumar
 C) Rajat Singh
 D) Chetan Anand

11Ans) Delhi airport
12Ans) The Energy Resources Institute
13Ans) The Defence Research and Development Organisation
14Ans) Kharagpur
15Ans) R. Karan Rajan
16Ans) Ana Brnabic
17Ans) Catherine Marchi-Uhel
18Ans) North Korea
19Ans) Germany
20Ans) Sanjay Kumar

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