Current Affairs July 2017 Quiz - 16

151India has stormed into the final of ICC Women's World Cup beating Australia by ______________ runs at Derby in England.
 A) 36
 B) 40
 C) 46
 D) 50
152____________________ has been appointed as the first female President of the Supreme Court.
 A) Sankar Prasad Mitra
 B) George Claus Rankin
 C) Brenda Marjorie Hale
 D) Prabha Shankar Mishra
153Japan has entered in the Women's Hockey World League Semifinal at Johannesburg,_________________.
 A) South Africa
 B) North Africa
 C) North America
 D) South America
154American rock band__________________ lead vocalist Chester Bennington has died by committing suicide at the age of 41.
 A) Stevvi Alexander
 B) Linkin Park's
 C) Jim Allchin
 D) Russell Allen
155___________________, Chairman of Public Enterprises Selection Board has been appointed as Secretary to President-elect Ram Nath Kovind.
 A) Ajit Kumar Seth
 B) Mr Atul Chaturvedi
 C) Sanjay Kothari
 D) Ashok Selvan
156____________________, senior diplomat and External Affairs Ministry spokesperson has been appointed as Joint Secretary in the Prime Minister-s Office.
 A) Gopal Baglay
 B) Kaali Venkat
 C) Karthik Muthuraman
 D) Radha Ravi
157____________________has entered into an agreement with Directorate General of Supplies & Disposal (DGS&D) for extending various banking services to Government e-Marketplace (GeM).
 A) United Bank of India
 B) Bank of Baroda
 C) State Bank of India
 D) Oriental Bank of Commerce
158____________________will host the fifth edition of South India Writers Ensemble (SIWE) at Chengannur.
 A) Tamilnadu
 B) Kerala
 C) Karnataka
 D) Maharashtra
159India-s__________________ has won bronze medal at the World Para Athletics Championships 2017 in the discus-throw.
 A) Dinesh Priyantha Herath
 B) Devendra Jhajharia
 C) Sundar Singh Gujar
 D) Karamjyoti Dalal
160____________________, senior Congress leader and leader of Cooperative movement in Maharashtra has passed away at the age of 92 in Mumbai.
 A) Prithviraj Chavan
 B) Shivajirao Patil
 C) Sachin Sawant
 D) Ashok Chavan

151Ans) 36
152Ans) Brenda Marjorie Hale
153Ans) South Africa
154Ans) Linkin Park's
155Ans) Sanjay Kothari
156Ans) Gopal Baglay
157Ans) Bank of Baroda
158Ans) Kerala
159Ans) Karamjyoti Dalal
160Ans) Shivajirao Patil

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