Current Affairs July 2017 Quiz - 11

101China-s most famous political prisoner, the Nobel laureate and democracy icon ___________________ has passed at the age of 61.
 A) Wang Yi
 B) Yang Jiechi
 C) Tang Jiaxuan
 D) Liu Xiaobo
102World youth skills day is observed on____________________.
 A) 11th July
 B) 15th July
 C) 14th July
 D) 13th July
103Indian-origin Canadian YouTube star ______________________ has been appointed as newest Global Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF.
 A) Lilly Singh
 B) Mia Farrow
 C) Priyanka Chopra
 D) Vidya Balan
104_________________________has successfully launched 'Kanopus-V-IK' Earth-imaging satellite and 72 microsatellites into orbit on a single rocket.
 A) Mexican Space Agency
 B) Aeronautics and Space Research and Diffusion Center
 C) Russian space agency Roscosmos
 D) Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization
105____________________ has won the Wimbledon Women-s singles title.
 A) Ricky Martin
 B) Leon Lai
 C) Maxim Vengerov
 D) Garbine Muguruza
106_________________, an IPS officer has taken over the charge as the new Director General of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP).
 A) Shri Rajeev Kumar
 B) Shri R K Pachnanda
 C) Shri Jayanta Kumar Basu
 D) Shri Vineet Kumar Goyal
107Senior advocate______________________ has been appointed as the Attorney General of India.
 A) Soli Sorabjee
 B) K K Venugopal
 C) Goolam Essaji Vahanvati
 D) Mukul Rohatgi
108The ____________________ edition of the International Indian Film Academy Awards 2017 has been held in New York and AnirudhRoyChaudhary has been awarded as best director for Pink.
 A) 5th
 B) 10th
 C) 18th
 D) 15th
109Baba Ramdev-led PatanjaliAyurved has been featured among the ________________most influential brands in India.
 A) Top 10
 B) Top 15
 C) Top 5
 D) Top 20
110Wholesale inflation fell to___________________ per cent in June this year.
 A) 0.5
 B) 0.9
 C) 0.7
 D) 0.6

101Ans) Liu Xiaobo
102Ans) 15th July
103Ans) Lilly Singh
104Ans) Russian space agency Roscosmos
105Ans) Garbine Muguruza
106Ans) Shri R K Pachnanda
107Ans) K K Venugopal
108Ans) 18th
109Ans) Top 10
110Ans) 0.9

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