Current Affairs July 2016 Quiz - 2

11Which country has completed building the final piece into position to make world-s largest radio telescope in July 2016? The Five Hundred Metre Aperture Spherical Telescope, or Fast, is the size of 30 football fields and has been cut out of a mountain.
 A) Germany
 C) China
 D) Japan
12Which formula One driver won the 2016 Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix held in July 2016?
 A) Nico Rosberg
 B) Lewis Hamilton
 C) Sebastian Vettel
 D) Kimi Raikkonen

13A holocaust survivor, Nobel peace prize winner and an author who fought for peace & human rights, ___________ passed away in Israel in July 2016. He was 87. He won the nobel peace prize in 1986. He wrote 57 books in his lifetime
 A) Michael Cimino
 B) Simon Wiesenthal
 C) Elie Wiesel
 D) François Mauriac
14Who has been appointed as the new Minister of "Textiles" deparment after recent cabinet reshuffle of Modi govement in July 2016?
 A) Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani
 B) Prakash Javadekar
 C) Vijay Goel
 D) Dr. Harsh Vardhan
15"Doctor's Day" is observed on _____________.
 A) 3-July
 B) 12-July
 C) 1-July
 D) 15-July
16Former __________ Prime Minister, Michel Rocard, passed away in July 2016. He was 85.
 A) German
 B) French
 C) Spanish
 D) UK
17Famous award winning _________ Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami passed away. He was 76. He directed more than 40 films in a span of his five decades long career. His "Taste of Cherry" film won him the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.
 A) Arabian
 B) Iranian
 C) French
 D) Italian
18India has been ranked at __________ as per the World Bank's global logistics performance ranking published for 2015 in July 2016.
 A) 30th
 B) 26th
 C) 35th
 D) 42nd
19Which Indian state has become the first Indian state to introduce minimum wages for part-time workers, as per notification issued by the Labour Department in Jul 2016.
 A) Rajasthan
 B) Gujarat
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Karnataka
20Which port has become the first port in India to implement Logistics Data tagging of containers which will help importers and exporters track goods in transit through logistics data bank service in Jul 2016?
 A) Kandala
 B) Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
 C) Visakhapatnam
 D) Chennai

11Ans) China
12Ans) Lewis Hamilton
13Ans) Elie Wiesel
14Ans) Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani
15Ans) 1-July
16Ans) French
17Ans) Iranian
18Ans) 35th
19Ans) Rajasthan
20Ans) Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust

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