Current Affairs July 2016 Quiz - 18

171The US economy grew by ________ annually in the second quarter of the current year (announced in Jul 2016).
 A) 2.6%
 B) 1.2%
 C) 0.6%
 D) 3.8%
172American author _________ has passed away in Iowa City, U.S. He was 72. He was the first black author to receive the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1978.
 A) Toni Morrison.
 B) J. California Cooper
 C) James Alan McPherson
 D) Langston Hughes

173Germany football team captain __________ his retirement from international duty with immediate effect in Jul 2016.
 A) Thomas Müller
 B) Lukas Podolski
 C) Bastian Schweinsteiger
 D) Mesut Özil
174Who has been appointed the new secretary of Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in Jul 2016?
 A) Aruna Sundararajan
 B) Aruna Sharma
 C) CK Mishra
 D) BP Sharma
175Justice __________ was sworn in as the new chief justice of Allahabad High Court by governor Ram Naik in Allahabad in Jul 2016.
 A) Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale
 B) Ajit Singh
 C) Vineet Saran
 D) D H Waghela
176Who has been appointed the new Health Secretary in Jul 2016?
 A) Aruna Sundararajan
 B) Aruna Sharma
 C) CK Mishra
 D) BP Sharma
177Who has resigned as chairman of Gujarat-based National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) from 1st August (announced in Jul 2016)?
 A) T Nanda Kumar
 B) Aruna Sharma
 C) Madhav Chitale
 D) Buddha Rashmi Mani
178Which state government has set-up a dedicated start-up cell for speeding up the implementation of the initiatives under its start-up policy in Jul 2016?
 A) Tamil Nadu
 B) Gujarat
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Karnataka
179____________ has resigned as the Chief Operating Officer ( COO) of Microsoft with effect from 31 July 2016.
 A) Roger Ailes
 B) Kevin Turner
 C) Steve Ballmer
 D) Terry Myerson
180India has set up an apparel training centre in which african country to support textiles industry of the west African country in Jul 2016?
 A) Zimbabwe
 B) Kenya
 C) Nigeria
 D) South Africa

171Ans) 1.2%
172Ans) James Alan McPherson
173Ans) Bastian Schweinsteiger
174Ans) BP Sharma
175Ans) Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale
176Ans) CK Mishra
177Ans) T Nanda Kumar
178Ans) Karnataka
179Ans) Kevin Turner
180Ans) Nigeria

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