Current Affairs July 2016 Quiz - 17

161Eminent ____________ Mahasweta Devi passed away at a private hospital in Kolkata in Jul 2016. She was 90. She was awarded with Padma Shri in 1986, Padma Vibhusan in 2006 by Indian government.
 A) actress
 B) politician
 C) author  and social activist
 D) None of These
162Senior IAS officer _________ has been appointed as Steel Secretary as part of a major top-level bureaucratic reshuffle by the Central government in JUl 2016. A total of 15 new Secretaries have been appointed in various central government ministries.
 A) Aruna Sundararajan
 B) Aruna Sharma
 C) Madhav Chitale
 D) Buddha Rashmi Mani

163Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has inaugurated 114-km long route as the country's first green rail corridor with zero toilet discharge section in which state in Jul 2016?
 A) Tamil Nadu
 B) Gujarat
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Karnataka
164India has signed a USD 1 billion deal with which company ________ to buy four long-range maritime surveillance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft, Poseidon-8I in Jul 2016?
 A) Airbus
 B) Lockhead Martin
 C) Boeing
 D) None of These
165International Tiger Day was observed on _________  across the world to create awareness about reservation of tigers. It was founded in 2010 at the St. Petersburg Tiger Summit, with the aim to double the tiger population by 2022.
 A) 18th July
 B) 22nd July
 C) 27th July
 D) 29th July
166Eurozone economic growth stood at ________ in the second quarter (April-June) compared to 0.6% growth witnessed in the previous quarter (January-March).
 A) 0.1%
 B) 0.2%
 C) 0.3%
 D) 0.4%
167India-s Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows grew by 7% to _______ during the first quarter (April-June) of the financial year 2016-17.
 A) USD 5.55 billion
 B) USD 7.25 billion
 C) USD 10.55 billion
 D) USD 17.22 billion
168India-s Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows grew by 7% to USD 10.55 billion during the first quarter (April-June) of FY 2016-17. Which country was the biggest source of FDI during the same month?
 A) Singapore
 C) Mauritius
 D) Japan
169Kolkata's football club East Bengal has announced that Bharat Gaurav award (Pride of India) of 2016 will be conferred on legendary athlete ______.
 A) P T Usha
 B) Milkha Singh
 C) Abhinav Bindra
 D) Mary Kom
170_______, joint managing director at Hero MotoCorp has announced his plan to step down from his position in Jul 2016 to -pursue new business interests-.
 A) Pawan Munjal
 B) Sunil Kant Munjal
 C) Om Prakash Munjal
 D) None of These

161Ans) author  and social activist
162Ans) Aruna Sharma
163Ans) Tamil Nadu
164Ans) Boeing
165Ans) 29th July
166Ans) 0.3%
167Ans) USD 10.55 billion
168Ans) USA
169Ans) Milkha Singh
170Ans) Sunil Kant Munjal

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