Current Affairs July 2016 Quiz - 11

101Famous __________ Mubarak Begum passed away in Jul 2016. She was 80.
 A) music director
 B) actor
 C) singer
 D) None of These
102Who has officially clinched the Republican nomination for the US President after a state-by-state vote at the Party Convention in Jul 2016?
 A) Bernie Sanders
 B) Ted Cruz
 C) Donald Trump
 D) Bill Clinton

103Nigerian journalist ____________ was awarded with the BBC World Service News Komla Dumor Award for 2016 in Jul 2016.
 A) Didi Akinyelure
 B) Arthur Goldstuck
 C) Jani Allan
 D) Helen Zille
104The International Cricket Council (ICC) and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have appointed ____________ as Managing Director of the ICC Cricket World Cup, which will be held in England and Wales in 2019.
 A) Ian Botham
 B) Graham Gooch
 C) Richard Hadlee
 D) Steve Elworthy
105Who won the Mister World title at the finale held at the Southport Theatre & Convention Centre in Southport, UK in Jul 2016?
 A) Fernando Alberto Alvarez Soto
 B) Rohit Khandelwal
 C) Aldo Esparza Ramirez
 D) None of These
106Coca-Cola has appointed ___________ as vice-president - finance - for India and South West Asia in Jul 2016.
 A) K V R Murthy
 B) Sohini Rajola
 C) Sanjeev Kumar
 D) Sarvita Sethi
107International remittance company the Western Union has appointed __________ as Regional Vice President, India and South Asia in Jul 2016.
 A) K V R Murthy
 B) Sohini Rajola
 C) Sanjeev Kumar
 D) Sarvita Sethi
108Famous Indian ____________ player Mohammed Shahid passed away due to multiple organ failure in Jul 2016. He was 56. He has received the Arjuna Award in 1981 and Padma Shri in 1986.
 A) cricket
 B) hockey
 C) football
 D) kabaddi
109Turkey's president has declared a ___________-month state of emergency after a failed coup attempt by some section of military in Jul 2016.
 A) one
 B) two
 C) three
 D) four
110The Central Government has approved to set up an All India Institutes of Medical Sciences at ___________ under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY) in Jul 2016.
 A) Kanpur
 B) Patna
 C) Gorakhpur
 D) Allahabad

101Ans) singer
102Ans) Donald Trump
103Ans) Didi Akinyelure
104Ans) Steve Elworthy
105Ans) Rohit Khandelwal
106Ans) Sarvita Sethi
107Ans) Sohini Rajola
108Ans) hockey
109Ans) three
110Ans) Gorakhpur

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