Current Affairs July 2015 Quiz - 7

61India's overall inflation, measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), stood at _______ in June 2015 (announced in July 2015).
A) -2.4%
B) -0.39%
C) 0.85%
D) -2.65%
62At 50, Indian model-actor _________ won the Ironman title at a triathlon held in Zurich in Switzerland in July in which over 2,000 participants this year included seven Indians. The triathlon, organised by World Triathalon Corporation, includes a 3.8-km swim, 180.2-km cycle ride and 42.2-km run.
A) Arjun Rampal
B) Milind Soman
C) Dino Morea
D) None of These

63Legendary _____________ MS Viswanathan passed away in July 2015.
A) Dorector
B) Actor
C) Music Director
D) None of These
64China-s economy grew by __________ in the second quarter of the year compared to same quarter last year (announced in July 2015).
A) 7.5%
B) 7.9%
C) 7%
D) 6.7%
65National Broadcasting Day was observed on __________ across the country. It is on this day in 1927, the Indian Broadcasting Company started radio broadcasting from Bombay station.
A) 21-July
B) 23-July
C) 25-July
D) 18-July
66_____________ in East Coast has been awarded with the Golden Peacock environment management award for its achievements and initiatives in the field of environment in July 2015?
A) Paradip Port
B) Krishnapatnam Port
C) Vishakhapatnam Port
D) Haldia Port
67Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) and aerospace giant ________ have formed a joint venture in aerospace and defence manufacturing and potential integrated systems development opportunities in July 2015.
A) Lockhead Martin
B) Boeing
C) Airbus
D) None of These
68Which financial company has acquired the, an online loan solutions space in a stock and cash deal in July 2015.
A) Muthut Finance
B) Reliance Capital
C) Andromeda
69French Formula 1 driver ___________ passed away in July 2015, nine months after suffering severe head injuries in a crash at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.
A) Ayrton Senna
B) Max Chilton
C) Jules Bianchi
D) Michael Schumacher
70Indian Town _____________ was chosen as the global bandwagon of UNESCO "Cities of Music" under the Creative Cities Network by UNESCO in July 2015.
A) Pune
B) Varanasi
C) Bangalore
D) Allahabad

61Ans) -2.4%
62Ans) Milind Soman
63Ans) Music Director
64Ans) 7%
65Ans) 23-July
66Ans) Krishnapatnam Port
67Ans) Boeing
68Ans) Andromeda
69Ans) Jules Bianchi
70Ans) Varanasi

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