Current Affairs July 2015 Quiz - 4

31Which country won the Copa America title 2015 held in July 2015?
A) Brazil
B) Argentina
C) Chile
D) Portugal
32Former Finance Minister of China ____________ was nominated by China to be the first president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in July 2015.
A) Jin Liqun
B) Lou Jiwei
C) Jim Yong Kim
D) Zhou Xiaochuan

33Famous Urdu novelist from ______________ Abdullah Hussain passed away in July 2015. He wrote the bestseller and critically acclaimed novel Udas Naslain, which is considered as a masterpiece of Urdu literature.
A) India
B) Pakistan
C) Afghanisthan
D) England
34Film-maker _____________ won the Best Documentary Producer award at Madrid International Film Festival in July 2015.
A) Ritesh Batra
B) Benoy Behl
C) Shaji N. Karun
D) Gautam Joglekar
35Famous Ecologist ____________ was elected as Fellow to the London based prestigious Royal Society in recognition of his pioneering contributions in the field of conservation science in July 2015.
A) Raman Sukumar
B) Priya Davidar
C) Kamal Bawa
D) R. Misra
36"Nelson Mandela International Day" was observed on _______ across the world.
A) 28-July
B) 22-July
C) 18-July
D) 11-July
37Indian women cricketer ___________ created a new history of Indian women's cricket as she became the first Indian cricketer and overall second cricketer to reach the 5000-run milestone in one-day internationals in July 2015.
A) Jhulan Goswami
B) Anjum Chopra
C) Nagarajan Niranjana
D) Mithali Raj
38Which Indian state government has announced in July 2015 that it will adopt Maharashtra's Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan, flagship water conservation and integrated water management scheme, after a great success of the scheme in Maharashtra?
A) Haryana
B) Gujarat
C) Rajasthan
D) Karnataka
39The Central Government has appointed _____________ as the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Housing Bank (NHB) in July 2015.
A) Harsh Kumar Bhanwala
B) Sriram Kalyanaraman
C) Kshatrapati Shivaji
D) Satish Pillai
40Credit Information Bureau India Ltd (CIBIL) has appointed ________ as its new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in July 2015.
A) Harsh Kumar Bhanwala
B) Sriram Kalyanaraman
C) Kshatrapati Shivaji
D) Satish Pillai

31Ans) Chile
32Ans) Jin Liqun
33Ans) Pakistan
34Ans) Benoy Behl
35Ans) Kamal Bawa
36Ans) 18-July
37Ans) Mithali Raj
38Ans) Rajasthan
39Ans) Sriram Kalyanaraman
40Ans) Satish Pillai

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