Current Affairs July 2015 Quiz - 2

11Former _________ all-rounder cricketer Clive Rice passed away in July 2015. He was one of the best all-rounders of his era alongside Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Ian Botham and Richard Hadlee.
A) South African
B) Australian
B) Australian
D) None of These
12Indian Grandmaster ___________ won the 19th Commonwealth Chess Championship held in Mumbai in July 2015 in the men's section.
A) Arghyadip Das
B) Abhijeet Gupta
C) M R Lalith Babu
D) None of These

13Which Indian state became the first state to have a provision for compulsory voting in July 2015?
A) New Delhi
B) Haryana
C) Gujarat
D) Punjab
14Which state Government has announced that students from Madrasas which are not teaching Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences will be considered out-of -school in July 2015?
A) Karnataka
B) Gujarat
C) Maharashtra
D) Kerala
15Leading aviation company ________ and India's Mahindra Group have struck a deal in July 2015 to build helicopters jointly in India to participate in the -Make in India- initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
A) Lockhead Martin
B) Boeing
C) Airbus
D) None of These
16Indian-American professor ______________ was selected for 2015 World Agriculture Prize laureate, as per announcement made at the annual Global Confederation for Higher Education Associations for Agriculture and Life Sciences (GCHERA) conference held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon in July 2015.
A) Rajiv Shah
B) Islam A. Siddiqui
C) R Paul Singh
D) Mahadev Satyanarayanan
17"Doctor's Day" is observed on _____________.
A) 3-July
B) 12-July
C) 1-July
D) 15-July
18Indian-American teacher _______ was selected for prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in July 2015. He was named for the award by President Barack Obama along with 107 Mathematics and Science teachers across the USA.
A) Satya N. Atluri
B) Chandrashekhar Khare
C) Paul Shrivastava
D) Darshan Jain
19Which district of Kerala has announced to go paperless in July 2015?
A) Kannur
B) Ernakulam
C) Kollam
D) Trichy
20__________, the airplane which is powered only by the sun, has landed in Hawaii after completing a historic 7,200km flight across the Pacific Ocean from Japan in July.
A) Solar Imagine
B) Solar Impulse
C) Solar Surprise
D) None of These

11Ans) South African
12Ans) Abhijeet Gupta
13Ans) Gujarat
14Ans) Maharashtra
15Ans) Airbus
16Ans) R Paul Singh
17Ans) 1-July
18Ans) Darshan Jain
19Ans) Ernakulam
20Ans) Solar Impulse

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