Current Affairs July 2014 Quiz 9

81Global banking giant _________ has announced that it will pay USD 7 billion to settle an investigation into its sale of residential mortgage-backed securities prior to the financial crisis and global recession that started in 2008, as per the data published by the company and the US Justice Department (DOJ) in July 2014.
 A) JP Morgan Chase
 B) Bank of America
 C) Barclay's Bank
 D) Citigroup
82China received ___________ foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first six months of current year 2014, (announced in July 2014).
 A) USD 52.62 billion
 B) USD 63.33 billion
 C) USD 76.21 billion
 D) USD 43.44 billion

83Whistleblower IAS officer Ashok Khemka from ___________ state service, the Civil Services Board approved his request for a central deputation today after the intervention of the PMO in July 2014.
 A) Himachal Pradesh
 B) Haryana
 C) Punjab
 D) Jammu & kashmir
84Who has been awarded the prestigious Gandhi Peace prize for 2013 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in July 2014?
 A) Baba Amte
 B) Sunderlal Bahuguna
 C) Chandi Prasad Bhatt
 D) Anupam Mishra
85Goalkeeper ______ was awarded with the Golden Glove award at the recently held FIFA world cup 2014.
 A) Jasper Cillessen
 B) Sergio Romero
 C) Manuel Neuer
 D) Julio Cesar
86Investment limit under Section 80C hiked to _______ as per the Union budget announced in July 2014.
 A) Rs 1.5 lakh
 B) Rs 1 lakh
 C) Rs 1.25 lakh
 D) Rs 2 lakh
87Capital market regulator SEBI has barred famous Satyam Computer-s founder ___________ and four others from markets for 14 years in July 2014. On 7th January 2009, he had sent an email to SEBI admitting all the scams to inflate cash and bank balances of the company.
 A) B Rama Raju
 B) G Ramakrishna
 C) B Ramalinga Raju
 D) Vadlamani Srinivas
88The central government has slapped an additional penalty of USD 579 million on _____________ for producing less than targeted natural gas from its KG-D6 block in July 2014.
 A) Gail India
 C) Essar Oil
 D) Reliance Industries
89BRICS leaders have also announced in July 2014 to set up a new development bank with initial capital of USD 100 billion like IMF to invest in different infrastructure projects in emerging nations. The head quarter of the new BRICS development bank will be in __________.
 A) Hong Kong
 B) Beijing
 C) Shanghai
 D) New Delhi
90Who has been appointed as the new Governor of West Bengal in July 2014?
 A) Ram Naik
 B) Balramji Dass Tandon
 C) Keshari Nath Tripathi
 D) Om Prakash Kohli

Check below for Answers...
81Ans) Citigroup
82Ans) USD 63.33 billion
83Ans) Haryana
84Ans) Chandi Prasad Bhatt
85Ans) Manuel Neuer
86Ans) Rs 1.5 lakh
87Ans) B Ramalinga Raju
88Ans) Reliance Industries
89Ans) Shanghai
90Ans) Keshari Nath Tripath