Current Affairs July 2014 Quiz 15

141Which Cricketer played a special part in opening ceremony of the 20th Commonwealth Games held at Glasgow, Scotland in July 2014?
 A) Brian Lara
 B) Sunil Gavaskar
 C) Sachin Tendulkar
 D) MS Dhoni
142Who won the Presidential election held recently in Indonesia and has been named the nation-s next president in July 2014?
 A) Joko Widodo
 B) Prabowo Subianto
 C) Jusuf Kalla
 D) Hatta Rajasa

143The Reserve Bank of India has set out a framework in July 2014 for identifying and dealing with large banks, termed domestic systemically important banks or D-SIBs. A size beyond ________ of GDP is one of the criteria for identifying a bank as a D-SIB and it will be subject to higher capital requirements, as per the Reserve Bank of India.
 A) 1%
 B) 2%
 C) 1.5%
 D) 2.5%
144How much money was allocated for modernisation of madrasas as per the Union budget announced in July 2014?
 A) Rs. 100 crore
 B) Rs. 200 crore
 C) Rs. 250 crore
 D) Rs. 300 crore
145Consumer confidence level in India jumped by seven points to ____________ in second quarter of the current year compared to 121 in the previous quarter, according to a global consumer confidence index study by Nielsen in July 2014.
 A) 125
 B) 128
 C) 132
 D) 134
146The Chief Minister of ______________, Dr Mukul Sangma launched a mass enrolment drive under the Chief Minister's Social Assistance (CMSA) Scheme in July 2014 for widows and persons with disabilities at Patharkhmah in Ri Bhoi District in the state. Each beneficiary shall be given a financial assistance of 500 rupees per month under the scheme.
 A) Meghalaya
 B) Tripura
 C) Assam
 D) Nagaland
147Who has been appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBI Life Insurance in July 2014?
 A) Atanu Sen
 B) Arijit Basu
 C) Santanu Mukherjee
 D) H S Upendra Kamath
148Who has been appointed the Managing Director of State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) in July 2014?
 A) Atanu Sen
 B) Arijit Basu
 C) Santanu Mukherjee
 D) H S Upendra Kamath
149Which Indian company has become the first Indian company to touch market capitalisation of Rs. 5 lakh crore in July 2014?
 A) Indian Oil Corporation
 B) Tata Consultancy Service
 C) Reliance Industries
150__________________ created a record of fastest serve in the women-s tennis by serving at 131 miles per hour during her match in the Bank of the West Classic Stanford, USA in July 2014.
 A) Sabine Lisicki
 B) Ana Ivanovic
 C) Venus Williams
 D) Serena Williams

Check below for Answers...
141Ans) Sachin Tendulkar
142Ans) Joko Widodo
143Ans) 2%
144Ans) Rs 100 Crore
145Ans) 128
146Ans) Meghalaya
147Ans) Arijit Basu
148Ans) Santanu Mukherjee
149Ans) Tata Consultancy Service
150Ans) Sabine Lisicki