Current Affairs July 2014 Quiz 14

131Who won his first Open Championship, the British Golf Open Championship 2014, held at Royal Liverpool Golf course in Holyake in July 2014?. With this victory, he has joined Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only players to win three of golf's modern majors by the age of 25.
 A) Sergio Garci
 B) Rory McIlroy
 C) Rickie Fowler
 D) None of These
132Who won the German Grand Prix held in July 2014?
 A) Nico Rosberg
 B) Lewis Hamilton
 C) Sebastian Vettel
 D) Valtteri Bottas

133_________ captain Steven Gerrard has announced his retirement from international football career in July 2014. The Liverpool midfielder made his debut in 2000 and won 114 caps for his country.
 A) Portugal
 B) Spain
 C) England
 D) Germany
134Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Uma Bharti has announced in the Lok Sabha in July 2014 that 2015-16 would be observed as the _____________.
 A) Year of Soil Conservation
 B) Year of Forest Conservation
 C) Year of Water Conservation
 D) None of These
135Who has been appointed as Private Secretary (PS) to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2015?
 A) Vikram Misri
 B) Sanjeev Kumar Singla
 C) Shankar Aggarwal
 D) Shashi Kant Sharma
136India won their first Test match at the historic Lord's after _________after Ishant Sharma delivered a magical spell which helped Indian team to secure a win by 95 runs in July 2014.
 A) 22 years
 B) 25 years
 C) 28 years
 D) 32 years
137Which Internet company has acquired an app analytics firm, Flurry for nearly USD 200 million in July 2014 to boost its advertising revenue from smartphones?
 A) Yahoo
 B) Facebook
 C) Google
 D) Microsoft
138Who has been appointed as Chairman of Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) in July 2014?
 A) Basudev Chatterjee
 B) Yellapragada Sudharshan Rao
 C) Shankar Aggarwal
 D) Shashi Kant Sharma
139The Central Government has appointed David Rasquinha and Debasish Mallick as Deputy Managing Directors of the _________________ in July 2014.
 C) Export-Import Bank of India
 D) State Bank of India
140The Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandrasekhara Rao has announced __________ as the Brand Ambassadorship of the newly formed state in July 2014.
 A) Jwala Gutta
 B) Saina Nehawal
 C) Sania Mirza
 D) VVS Laxman

Check below for Answers...
131Ans) Rory McIlroy
132Ans) Nico Rosberg
133Ans) England
134Ans) Year of Water Conservation
135Ans) Sanjeev Kumar Singla
136Ans) 28 years
137Ans) Yahoo
138Ans) Yellapragada Sudharshan Rao
139Ans) Export-Import Bank of India
140Ans) Sania Mirza