Current Affairs July 2014 Quiz 11

101Former India cricket captain ___________ has been elected as the newest member of Laureus World Sports Academy in July 2014. With this he will become the 47th member of the panel.
 A) Rahul Dravid
 B) Saurav Ganguly
 C) Sachin Tendulkar
 D) Sunil Gavaskar
102An eminent biographer of _________________ Granville Austin passed away in Washington in July 2014.
 A) Indian Constitution
 B) Indian Archiology
 C) Indian Geography
 D) Indian History

103India's Trade deficit stood at ________ in June 2014 (announced in July 2014).
 A) USD 11.77 billion
 B) USD 10 billion
 C) USD 11.23 billion
 D) USD 9.25 billion
104The 7th BRICS Summit in 2015 will be held at __________ in Russia after successful conclusion of this year-s BRICS summit in Brazil in July 2014.
 A) Saint Petersburg
 B) Moscow
 C) Ufa
 D) Novosibirsk
105Long-term Capital Gains tax on MFs raised to _______ from 10%, as per the Union budget announced in July 2014.
 A) 15%
 B) 18%
 C) 20%
 D) 25%
106Which country has been ranked at No 1 in the latest FIFA ranking published in July 2014 after conclusion of FIFA world cup?
 A) Argentina
 B) Spain
 C) Germany
 D) Netherlands
107Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Gujarat in July 2014?
 A) Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya
 B) Balramji Dass Tandon
 C) Keshari Nath Tripathi
 D) Om Prakash Kohli
108India has the _________-highest number of HIV infected people in the world, as per the UN (UNAIDS) report published in July 2014.
 A) Second
 B) Third
 C) Fourth
 D) Fifth
109Famous __________ filmmaker J. Sasikumar passed away in Kochi in July 2014. He was 86. He holds the record of making 141 films in his career spanning over three decades and also holds records of making the highest number of films with the same lead actor and same lead team, and the highest number of films in a year.
 A) Telegu
 B) Tamil
 C) Kannada
 D) Malayalam
110In its recently released draft guideline in July 2014, The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set a minimum paid-up capital of _________ for those who wants to set up payments and small banks. The RBI has also said that the promoters will have to invest an initial minimum capital of at least 40%. It has prescribed a lock-in period of five years for promoters- holding.
 A) Rs.200 crore
 B) Rs.150 crore
 C) Rs.100 crore
 D) Rs.500 crore

Check below for Answers...
101Ans) Rahul Dravid
102Ans) Indian Constitution
103Ans) USD 11.77 billion
104Ans) Ufa
105Ans) 20%
106Ans) Germany
107Ans) Om Prakash Kohli
108Ans) Third
109Ans) Malayalam
110Ans) Rs.100 crore