Current Affairs July 2013 Quiz - 8

71Who has been appointed as the new chairman and managing director (CMD) of IDBI Bank in July 2013?
 A) R K Malla
 B) M S Raghavan
 C) Sudhir Kumar Jain
 D) None of These
72India-s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth stood at _________ in May 2013 <Announced in July 2013>.
 A) 2%
 B) -2.5%
 C) -1.6%
 D) 2.2%
73India-s largest stock market National Stock Exchange (NSE) has launched ''LIX 15'' index for which segment in July 2013?
 A) Derivatives
 B) Equity
 C) Commodities
 D) None of These
74Who has been appointed as lieutenant-governor of Andaman & Nicobar Islands in July 2013?
 A) Tejendra Khanna
 B) Bhopinder Singh
 C) Virendra Kataria
 D) A K Singh
75India foreign direct investment (FDI)  stood at ____________ in April 2013. (data published in July 2013).
 A) USD 2.21 billion
 B) USD 2.32 billion
 C) USD 1.81 billion
 D) None of These
76Who sworn in as Egypt's new vice-president in July 2013?
 A) Mohamed Hussein Tantawi
 B) Adly Mahmoud Mansour
 C) Mohamed ElBaradei
 D) Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
77Who has been named as new prime minister of Egypt's interim government in July 2013?
 A) Mohamed Hussein Tantawi
 B) Adly Mahmoud Mansour
 C) Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
 D) Mohamed ElBaradei
78EU Finance Ministers have given final approval for _______ to join the eurozone on 1st January 2014 (announced in July 2013).
 A) Turkey
 B) Croatia
 C) Latvia
 D) None of These
79India-s overall inflation, measured by the Wholesale Price Index stood at ________ in June.
 A) 4.86%
 B) 4.89%
 C) 4.7%
 D) 4.91%
80Which Global credit rating agency has cut France's credit rating to -AA-plus- from -AAA- due to its uncertain economic outlook in July 2013?
 A) Moody's
 B) S&P
 C) Fitch
 D) None of These

Check below for answers..........
71Ans) M S Raghavan
72Ans) -1.6%
73Ans) Derivatives
74Ans) A K Singh
75Ans) USD 2.32 billion
76Ans) Mohamed ElBaradei
77Ans) Mohamed ElBaradei
78Ans) Latvia
79Ans) 4.86%
80Ans) Fitch