Current Affairs July 2013 Quiz - 15

141Poverty ratio in India has declined to ______ in 2011-12 from 37.2% in 2004-05 due to increase in per capita consumption, as per the Planning Commission report published in July 2013.
 A) 23.4%
 B) 22.1%
 C) 21.9%
 D) 20.1%
142Ernesto Domingo won the Ramon Magsaysay Award in July 2013. He belongs to which country?
 A) Philippines
 B) Indonesia
 C) Nepal
 D) Myanmar
143The RBI has reduced the liquidity adjustment facility (LAF) rate to ______ from the current 1% to arrest rupee fall in July 2013.
 A) 0.75%
 B) 0.5%
 C) 0.25%
 D) None of These
144-The Lowland- has emerged a frontrunner among 13 novels long listed for the Man Booker Prize this year. This was authored by?
 A) Anita Desai
 B) Arundhati Roy
 C) Bharati Mukherjee
 D) Jhumpa Lahiri
145Who was re-elected as the Vice-President of Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) in July 2013?
 A) M. G. Parameswaran
 B) Arvind Sharma
 C) Sudesh Kapoor
 D) None of These
146The RBI has kept CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) unchanged at _______ during its monetary policy review meet in July 2013.
 A) 4%
 B) 4.25%
 C) 4.5%
 D) 3.5%
147Who has been appointed as the new President of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India for the year 2013-14 in July 2013?
 A) Rakesh Singh
 B) A.S. Durga Prasad
 C) Suresh Chandra Mohanty
 D) None of These
148Who won the 100th edition of the Tour de France in July 2013?
 A) Bradley Wiggins
 B) Chris Froome
 C) Alberto Contador
 D) Cadel Evans
149Who has been re-elected as the new Prime Minister of Cambodia in July 2013? He has been in power in Cambodia for nearly three decades (28 years).
 A) Norodom Sihanouk
 B) Hun Sen
 C) Sam Rainsy
 D) Norodom Sihamoni
150Who was elected as the 12th President of Pakistan in July 2013?
 A) Wajihuddin Ahmad
 B) Asif Ali Zardari
 C) Mamnoon Hussain
 D) Nawaz Sharif

Check below for answers..........
141Ans) 21.9%
142Ans) Philippines
143Ans) 0.5%
144Ans) Jhumpa Lahiri
145Ans) M. G. Parameswaran
146Ans) 4%
147Ans) Suresh Chandra Mohanty
148Ans) Chris Froome
149Ans) Hun Sen
150Ans) Mamnoon Hussain