Current Affairs July 2012 Quiz – 7


Who won the German Grand prix in 2012?
  A) Fernando Alonso
  B) Kimi Raikkonen
  C) Michael Schumacher
  D) Lewis Hamilton


Which Indian Company secured the topmost rank (among Indian companies) in Fortune 500 list?
  A) State Bank of India
  B) Reliance Industries
  C) Indian Oil


How many Indian companies appeared in the list of Fortune 500 Companies in 2012?
  A) 8
  B) 10
  C) 12
  D) 7


Which Global company secured the No 1 Rank in the Fortune 500 list?
  A) Wal-Mart
  B) Exxon Mobil
  C) Royal Dutch Shell
  D) British Petroleum


Which private bank has received India’s first investment through the QFI (Qualified Framework Investor) route?
  A) ICICI Bank
  B) Kotak Mahindra Bank
  C) HDFC Bank
  D) Axis Bank


Current UP Government has renamed “Bheem Nagar” district as?
  A) Sambhal
  B) Amethi
  C) Amroha
  D) Hapur


Michel Phelps has became the most successful athlete in the history of Olympic games after wining 19th Olympics medals at the current London Olympics. Which country he belongs to?
  A) UK
  B) South Africa
  C) USA
  D) Canada


The Ambassador of Conscience Award of Amnesty International is given in which of the fields?
  A) Science
  B) Economics
  C) Human Rights
  D) Politics


Who has been appointed as the head of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) of India?
  A) C.R. Sundaramurti
  B) S. K. Shivakumar
  C) Jawahar Thakur
  D) Sushil Muhnot


Which European football club has recently filed for IPO to launch its shares on the US stock exchange?
  A) Manchester City
  B) Manchester United
  C) Chelsea
  D) Real Madrid


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  1. Current Affairs July 2012 Quiz – 7 Answers

    61 Ans) Fernando Alonso
    62 Ans) Indian Oil
    63 Ans) 8
    64 Ans) Royal Dutch Shell
    65 Ans) Kotak Mahindra Bank
    66 Ans) Sambhal
    67 Ans) USA
    68 Ans) Human Rights
    69 Ans) Jawahar Thakur
    70 Ans) Manchester United

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