Current Affairs January 2017 Quiz - 6

51________________ has taken over from Thailand as Chair of the Group of 77 which promotes the interest of the 134 developing countries it represents at the United Nations, including China.
A) Oman
B) Kuwait
C) Ecuador
D)  Bahrain
52Former Indian captain ______________________ has resigned as the vice- president of Mumbai Cricket Association.
A) Kapil Dev
B) Dilip Vengsarkar
C) Md. Azaharuddin
D) Srikant Krishnamachari
53The____________________ has extended the contract with Hockey by signing a deal until 2021.
A)  Sahara Group
B) Adidas
C) Reebok
D) Kingfisher
54Padma Shri__________________, veteran actor of India has passed away at the age of 66 after a massive heart attack.
A) Persis Khambatta
B)  Persis Khambatta
C)  Satyajit Ray
D)  Om Puri
55Renowned sitar Player ______________________ has passed away at the age of 88.
A) Vilayat Khan
B) Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan
C) Ali Akbar Khan
D) Allauddin Khan
56_____________________has been appointed as Chief Human Resources (HR) officer for India operation of Capgemini, French Consultancy Corporation.
A) Krishna Bhatt
B) Anil Jalali
C) Shafaatullah Khan
D) Rajeev Janardan
57Sir_____________________has been appointed as the ambassador to the EU from Britain.
A)  George Hammond
B)  Stratford Canning
C)  Henry Bulwer
D)  Tim Barrow
58_____________has launched the longest bullet train Shangri-La of the world from Kunming.
A) Japan
B) Mayanmar
C) China
D) India
59The -Eden Project- believed to be the largest indoor rain forest is located in _______________, UK.
A) Roseau
B) Cornwell
C) St. John's
D) Oranjestad
60The Olympic medal winning husband wife duo of_____________________announced their retirement from athletes.
A) Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel
B)  Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen Eaton
C) Deb Talen and Steve Tannen
D) Buddy and Julie Miller

51Ans) Ecuador
52Ans) Dilip Vengsarkar
53Ans)  Sahara Group
54Ans)  Om Puri
55Ans) Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan
56Ans) Anil Jalali
57Ans)  Tim Barrow
58Ans) China
59Ans) Cornwell
60Ans)  Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen Eaton

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