Current Affairs January 2017 Quiz - 3

21The US e-commerce giant ______________ has been awarded a patent for launching a giant flying warehouse that would act as a launch pad for drones to deliver items within a minutes.
A) Amazon
B) Flipkart
C) ebay
D) nearbuy
22_______________________has finally delivered four Sukhoi SU-35 fighter jets to China after a delay of two years.
A) France
B) Russia
C) Italy
D) Japan
23___________________, table tennis Olympic Champion of China has declared her retirement.
A) Zhang Shuai
B) Wang Qiang
C) Li Ting
D) Lu Xiaoxia
24Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar has been sworn in as the _________________ chief Justice of India.
A) 45th
B) 50th
C) 44th
D) 48th
25__________________ has created two tools My Business and Digital Unlocked for the small and medium business in India.
A) Amazon
B) Bing
C) Google India
D) Flikart
26The new Managing Director of Technology giant IBM is_________________.
A) R. Roshan Baig
B) Karan Bajwa
C) Vinay Kulkarni
D)  A. Manju
27Deepa Malik and _____________________have been appointed as the brand ambassador of Swachh NDMC in New Delhi.
A) Arunima Sinha
B) M. B. Patil
C) Premjit Lall
D) N. Sriram Balaji
28Inmates have seized control of the largest prison in the north-eastern Brazilian City of ______________.
A) Iraq
B) Morocco
C) Natal
D) Yemen
29______________________has been nominated as the chairman of the board of directors of Tata Powers.
A) S S Mallikarjun
B) S. Padmanabhan
C) Ramalinga Reddy
D) Ramesh Jarkiholi
30___________________has been elected as the working President of DMK.
A) Tanveer Sait
B) Santosh Lad
C) Thomas Elmhirst
D) M. K Stalin

21Ans) Amazon
22Ans) Russia
23Ans) Lu Xiaoxia
24Ans) 44th
25Ans) Google India
26Ans) Karan Bajwa
27Ans) Arunima Sinha
28Ans) Natal
29Ans) S. Padmanabhan
30Ans) M. K Stalin

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