Current Affairs January 2017 Quiz - 25

241International customs day is observed on _________________.
A) 4th January
B) 25th January
C) 26th January
D) 24th January
242________________, the world-s tallest building in Dubai has lit up in the colours of the Indian National Flag on 25th January 2017 and 26th January 2017 to celebrate India-s 68th Republic Day.
A) Burj Al Arab
B) Jumeirah
C) Burj Khalifa tower
D) Cayan Tower
243____________________, Global Vice President of Xiaomi has joined facebook to lead its virtual reality efforts, including the oculus team.
A) Ryan Gosling
B) Hugo Barra
C) Keanu Reeves
D) Christian Bale
244Jamaican Sprinter ________________ has been stripped of his 4100m gold medal.
A) Vin Diesel
B) Jack Nicholson
C) Usain Bolt
D) Chris Evans
245Emmy award-winning US actress _________________has passed away at the age of 80.
A) Natalie Portman
B) Meryl Streep
C) Mary Tyler Moore
D) Lady Gaga
246__________________, Russian ambassador to India has passed away at the age of 67.
A) Ahsan Ullah
B) Adam Docker
C) Alexander Kadakin
D) Jaffar Khan
247_________________ is ranked at sixth spot in a list of eight great powers for the year 2017 by a leading American foreign policy magazine.
A) Pakistan
B) Nepal
C) India
D) Srilanka
248____________________has been appointed as the new CEO of Indian Super league side Delhi Dynamos.
A) Om Prakash Kohli
B) Asish Shah
C) Acharya Dev Vrat
D) Palaniswamy Sathasivam
249____________________, Scientist at the National Geographical Research Institute (NGRI) has been selected for the National Geoscience Award 2016.
A) N. N. Vohra
B) Anil Baijal
C) Keshav Krishna
D) Mridula Sinha
250The Jeevan Raksha Padak has been conferred to__________________ persons by President Pranab Mukherjee.
A) 39
B) 31
C) 36
D) 19

241Ans) 26th January
242Ans) Burj Khalifa tower
243Ans) Hugo Barra
244Ans) Usain Bolt
245Ans) Mary Tyler Moore
246Ans) Alexander Kadakin
247Ans) India
248Ans) Asish Shah
249Ans) Keshav Krishna
250Ans) 36

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