Current Affairs January 2017 Quiz - 19

181Senior IPS officer ___________________, Commissioner of Delhi Police will be the new Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
A)  Sunil Kumar Barnwal
B)  Alok Kumar Verma
C)  Srivatsa Krishna
D) Anurag Srivastava
182___________________has been appointed as CEO and Managing Director of Bharati AXA General Insurance .
A)  Lakshmi Narayana
B)  Prashant Kumar
C)  Sanjeev Srinivasan
D)  Amir Subhani
183________________ has won the 'Favourite Dramatic TV Actress' award for her role in Quantico at the 2017 People-s choice Awards in Los angles.
A) Sonam Kapoor
B) Yami Gautam
C) Priyanka Chopra
D) Kangana Ranaut
184IIT _________________ is set to build up a Research Park for startups, and set up R & D centre in the institute for promoting entrepreneurship.
A) Kanpur
B) Bombay
C) Delhi
D) Kharagpur
185____________________, Village of Meghalaya has got the status as Asia-s cleanest village.
A) Samanda
B) Mawlynnong
C) Mawsynram
D) Rongram
186__________________, a 65-years -old Woman shooter from Delhi has set a record at recently-concluded National Shooting Championship in Pune.
A) Nirupama Rao
B) Sashi Sharma
C) Sucheta Yadav
D) Nirmal Yadav
187______________, veteran Indian Scientist and pioneer of in the discovery of black hole in India has passed away at the age of 78.
A) G. V. Prasad
B) Anant Gupta
C) C V Vishveshwara
D) Madhusudhan Rao
188The year ___________________ has been recorded as the World hottest year.
A) 2017
B) 2016
C) 2014
D) 2015
189________________, President of Venezuela has authorized new banknotes ranging from 500 to 20000 bolivars to deal with the soaring inflation in the country.
A) Sheldon Adelson
B) Christopher McCormick
C) Nicolas Maduro
D) David Gill
190-______________-, the mobile app of twitter has been acquired by search gaint Google.
B) Google Allo
C) Fabric
D) Droidiris

181Ans) Alok Kumar Verma
182Ans) Sanjeev Srinivasan
183Ans) Priyanka Chopra
184Ans) Bombay
185Ans) Mawlynnong
186Ans) Nirmal Yadav
187Ans) C V Vishveshwara
188Ans) 2016
189Ans) Nicolas Maduro
190Ans) Fabric

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