Current Affairs January 2017 Quiz - 16

151___________________, head of the North American Development Bank has been appointed as the new ambassador to the US from Mexico.
A) Garo H. Armen
B) Michel Combes
C) Geronimo Gutierrez
D) Jeff Bezos
152__________________ has been appointed as the new governor of Tibet by China.
A) Lisa Su
B) Tim Cook
C) Qi Zhala
D) Ian King
153US President Barack Obama has declared_________________ as Religious Freedom Day.
A)   10th January
B)  16th January
C)   18th January
D)   15th January
154______________ handed over two maritime patrol vessels to Pakistan's navy for ensuring the security of sea routes and Gwadar port under the $46-billion (over Rs.3.1 lakh crore) China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project.
A) India
B) Bangaladesh
C) China
D) Pakistan
155_________________faces a one-year ban from international weightlifting competitions after three of its weightlifters failed doping retests and were stripped of their Olympic 2008 gold medals.
A) India
B) Bangaladesh
C) China
D) Pakistan
156____________________ children including thirteen girls have been selected for the National Bravery Awards 2016.
A) Twenty-two
B) Twenty-nine
C) Twenty-five
D) Twenty-four
157_________________ has won the Hindu Prize 2016 at 7th edition of The Hindu Lit for Life festival 2017, held in Chennai.
A)  Sorabh Babu
B)  Kiran Doshi
C)  Bhawna Garg
D)  Devesh Kumar
158____________________ has been declared as the first Elderly-Friendly Corporation in Kerala.
A) Hindalco Industries Ltd
B) Kozhikode Corporation
C) ITC Limited
D) Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
159The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut India-s growth forecast for the current fiscal to _________________from its previous estimate of 7.6%.
A) 8.6%
B) 6.8%
C) 6.5%
D) 6.6%
160_________________has signed a financing agreement with World Bank for 48 million dollars for Nagaland Health Project.
A) India
B) Bangaladesh
C) China
D) Pakistan

151Ans) Geronimo Gutierrez
152Ans) Qi Zhala
153Ans)  16th January
154Ans) China
155Ans) China
156Ans) Twenty-five
157Ans) Kiran Doshi
158Ans) Kozhikode Corporation
159Ans) 6.6%
160Ans) India

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